incredible clients

"I have been able to double what I charge! I charge in USD $$  now and I work with people from all over the world. The group program, even works as a service provider. It’s like a business bible, it's always something I’m referring back to.          I can go back through the modules every time I create           a new offer."

Tracy Ann Oosthuizen


"I moved to Bali, booked 1:1 coaching clients, launched a group program, launched an online yoga membership that made $3000 in the first two weeks, I built my list / audience and created a beautiful personal brand."

Sharni Quinn


I'm now making €10K - €20K months after adding photographers coaching to my business. I followed all the steps and implemented them right away. I was able to book my first one on one coaching clients and VIP days.

Yvonne Van Dalen


£10K beta course launch for Stand Out On Social created with a fellow student who she met in the program. Ria crafted her new coaching brand and built a sales page for Photo Proud her own course. The course and community has been genuinely transformative.

Ria Mishaal


Launched her own business for the first time after doing branding & marketing for the past 16 years. She made her investment back in 4-5 weeks. Danielle created her signature offer, got clear on her brand and launched herself as a consultant.  She's about to do her own live launch and offer more 1:1 high-end programs and she's developing her very own group program.

Danielle Garber


Just launched her first photography workshop with 10 people and sold it completely out making $3500 in a single day. She says it's been a really good investment and to anyone who's on the fence about doing the group program just jump in!

Anastasia Genty


I booked 7 private coaching clients and 15 people joined my group program.  After working with Chanelle I realized my passion and got clear on my Brand Hero. I have interviewed one of my mentors, Tim Noakes the founder of Banting, and I am also writing my own book!

Ilze Czubora


I have booked a 3-month coaching client @ £3550 and 3 VIP days @ £2500 each. After learning the structure and framework for my business from Chanelle, I have clients traveling from Belgium and Switzerland to work with me! I'm having a huge impact on the industry. I have launched my online program and my new website. Thank you, Chanelle for all your support.

Shan Fisher


I booked 48 people onto my new online course for beginner's photography! Chanelle's BYBO program was able to offer me the step-by-step hand-holding guided process that I was so badly looking for. I was investigating ways to increase my income and the best way was to add mentoring, coaching, online courses and workshops.

Derryn Schmidt


I launched and SOLD OUT 6 workshops, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and generated over R216K ($16K) in sales! Thanks to the BYBO coaching program with Chanelle, I got clear on who I wanted to work with and developed and launched my workshops successfully.

Jacki Bruniquel


Frances's business has expanded and her income went through the roof! She transitioned from a face-to-face coaching practice to being able to coach people from all over the world.

Frances Briggs


Joe landed a $40K contract PLUS generated $30K in 9 weeks, after joining Chanelle on her BYBO coaching program.

Joe Mebrahtu


Bea made $15k in two weeks after completing my Build Your Brand Online group program! Bea has built her signature offering and coaching program and is now financially free and location independant

Bea Mangar


Ursula booked 3 x 1:1 coaching clients, has started a Facebook group and has recently taught her first paid group Zoom masterclass. She got clear on her ideal client, got over imposter syndrome and has created her signature offering. Next up is launching a group program.

Ursula Kelly


Mikalena needed the structure and clarity gained from the group program. She went from being a "crazy-mess" to structuring out her brand, course, time and how she wanted to move forward. The cleansing has created space on her messaging, purpose and intension.

Mikalena Knight


£17K from the first launch and £22K from her second group program launch! Jennifer has now built a 6-Figure business (in pounds £) coaching other Celebrants!

Jennifer Claire Constant


In the last 5-months, I've had 3 x 6-figure £ launches. That's £100K months! Chanelle was the first person who taught me about launches. If you need good, solid, practical tools on how to move your business forward, how to scale and how to start getting the clients and the life that you really want! I now make most of my money through passive income!

Lisa Johnson