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incredible clients

I came on the retreat because I wanted to get my marketing, social media and branding right. Besides getting my signature program ready for launch, the amazing women were the biggest highlight. I know these women will be friends and colleagues for life. I got everything I expected and more. Everything was perfect!

Noha Essop


From a training point of view the information that we were given was absolutely invaluable. From an inspirational point of view I feel like there are so many possibilities and I'm brimming with ideas and I just feel like I have my spark back, my mojo is there again!

Jacki Bruniquel


I really recommend working with Chanelle, she has been instrumental and invaluable in helping me decide and get clear on who it is that I want to coach, the value that I have to offer and confidence in my capabilities.

Paula Jones


I've met incredible women from all over the world and I have been beyond inspired by them all. I've been humbled by the kindness, warmth, insight and openness.

Monica Dart


I found so much clarity because I realised who my real target audience was and I was able to pick their brains and that was just invaluable. Being able to ask them what they want and what their needs are that has inspired my package.

Tracy Oosthuizen


It has expanded my horizons in ways that I love, on a practical level I'm going away with a plan that I feel is manageable because I've really thought about it and I'm coming away with some real energy and enthusiasm to get back into my business and move on to the next stage.

Kelly Chandler


We did an amazing formula around the copywriting and that was a great breakthrough for me, just being able to express myself.

Michelle Wood


For me the week turned out to be so much more than just about my business. By the end of the retreat I had learnt so much about myself and it really made me understand who I am and what it is that I'm wanting to create for the people that I'm serving.

Yolandi Boshoff


I felt mentored to an extent that I feel really equipped and I have really had a wonderful connection and relationship building experience.


Alison du Toit


Some awesome letting go and being able to believe more in myself. It's been a huge shift for me going forward and I have the confidence and the knowledge to do the actionable things. I can plan it out and I can move forward believing in myself and my business.

Bev Jardine


I got to do work on my business, that was quite transformational for me and I had so much clarity around my business and what I'm doing going forward. I actually leave next week to move to Bali.

Sharni Quinn


It was absolutely life-changing for me to be around this group of women and their energy. Chanelle has created a safe space for women entrepreneurs to expand and grow beyond what they thought was possible.

Shayla Locklear


Yolandi Intensives image 2

Working with Chanelle has been such an amazing experience. I have yet to meet a coach that is so generous in sharing wisdom, tips and information.

Each challenge that I met during the process of setting up my launch she was there supporting me, constantly checking in and giving me invaluable advice, resulting in me signing a 5-figure client and multiple students for my launch.

Chanelle has the beautiful ability to gently push you beyond your perceived limitations, she sees the potential in all her clients.

I loved working through the content, worksheets and videos and the advice was concise, I think if I tried to get all this knowledge from other sources it would have taken me years!
The way she explains technical solutions is magical and really helped me to streamline my web pages and online marketing."

Yolandi charges in USD and has just made the move from South Africa to the UK.

Yolandi Boshoff


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