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Working with Chanelle has been such an amazing experience. I have yet to meet a coach that is so generous in sharing wisdom, tips and information.

Each challenge that I met during the process of setting up my launch she was there supporting me, constantly checking in and giving me invaluable advice, resulting in me signing a 5-figure client and multiple students for my launch.

Chanelle has the beautiful ability to gently push you beyond your perceived limitations, she sees the potential in all her clients.

I loved working through the content, worksheets and videos and the advice was concise, I think if I tried to get all this knowledge from other sources it would have taken me years!
The way she explains technical solutions is magical and really helped me to streamline my web pages and online marketing."

Yolandi charges in USD and has just made the move from South Africa to the UK.

Yolandi Boshoff


Business coaching testimonial for Segerius Bruce Coaching

  Chanelle helped me to recognise the functionality, aesthetic, and key elements of a successful website for my business.

She provided spot-on examples of other professionals in my field who had done this successfully and talked me through many of the doubts or questions I had about which information to include and how to present it in a business-savvy way.

I walked away with a clear idea on how to plan and build a new website for my business, as well as a confirmation on the social media and marketing pieces I was previously feeling confused about pursuing or using in my business.

Chanelle is extremely knowledgeable in her field, up to date with the latest online platforms for marketing, and her answers are straightforward, honest, and grounded in the latest statistics. She is relatable and has many examples in her own personal career of how to make a business successful and balanced.

Jocelyn Mandryk



  Chanelle’s encouragement and drive helped me to launch a website within a few days and get the ball rolling on my new career.

I joined Chanelle’s 6 Week Group Coaching program in November 2016, and during my time working with Chanelle, I had my first Discovery Call with a prospective client and succeeded in having a branding photoshoot for my website.

Chanelle’s knowledge of social media platforms and digital marketing is outstanding and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Working with her will keep you focused and striving towards your goals and as a result, I highly recommend working with Chanelle.

Janet Mohapi-Banks



  I felt energised and focused after my coaching intensive with Chanelle. It made me realise how much I can achieve in a short time, with a coach that is highly professional, grounded and who clearly structures her sessions. I feel completely motivated to take the plunge with confidence, focus, and drive.

Her techniques are concise and fresh, and she is right at the forefront of what is happening right now in the business world (especially online). 

Chanelle gives hands-on advice and knowledge. Her method of ‘teaching’ is precise, practical, clear and unconventional. Her unique perspective gave me new ideas to apply in my business that I hadn’t considered before. She filled in all the ‘insecure’ gaps I had about my business. 

Monica Dart



  I feel clear on how to organise my routine and where to focus. I’m taking my business to the next level and at the same time getting my personal life back!

I walked away with a new method for my workflow as well as essential information to promote myself. I recommend working with Chanelle because she helps you to reduce the learning curve, she provides information that it would take a long time to learn on your own!

Carolina Sainz



  We learned more in that 1hr session than all the advice we’ve received to date.

Thank you so much for the 1hr Skype call we had with you to learn more about social media. You were incredibly open and warm with all your advice and knowledge. Thank you so much.

Pippa & Ian


Bunn Salarzon Photographer

  Chanelle will guide you beyond just social media!

Chanelle handed me tools to make changes within my business and it’s up to me to see it through and make things happen, take responsibility and not wait hoping for things to come to me.

Chanelle will guide you beyond just social media! — really so much more. My weekly sessions with Chanelle opened my mind to more that I could achieve with my business, and they’re all doable.

I now take care of two local restaurant’s Instagram accounts, and I’ve been commissioned to photograph all the content for them too. This added a brand new income stream to my photography business.

Bunn Salarzon


naahid profile

   While I worked with Chanelle, she opened up the possibilities of working in the global market by using social media and digital marketing platforms.

Before I started working with Chanelle, my business was pitched at the local South African market but as a result of my work with Chanelle, my business and brand now have the look and feel that is authentically me. Planning and achieving the perfect branding photoshoot for my website and other social media platforms was a great success.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she gave me clarity on how to market my business and brand in the international market. I walked away with a clear idea on how to use the various social media and digital marketing platforms to attract my ideal client.

Naahid Nakidien



  I very much enjoyed my time working with Chanelle. My creative film and design studio had the backbone of something good but it wasn’t very well positioned to communicate clearly to the outside world and the many potential clients out there.

With every session I had with Chanelle, I started with simply not knowing what I might get out of it. I knew I wanted to build my business and make some progress in getting my name out there to increase the success in new business, but apart from that, I had no idea how business coaching worked and what these sessions might add to my business. This is where Chanelle made it a very smooth and enjoyable process, I left each session with a forward momentum – knowing that I had actions to work on and clear targets ahead of me.

I highly recommend working with Chanelle as someone to help with everything from social media, SEO, web communications right through to just being an ear to hear about your own plans in business and having the mind to turn those into something tangible.

Matt West