incredible clients

£17K from the first launch and £22K from her second group program launch! Jennifer has now built a 6-Figure business (in pounds £) coaching other Celebrants!

Jennifer Claire Constant

In the last 5-months, I've had 3 x 6-figure £ launches. That's £100K months! Chanelle was the first person who taught me about launches. If you need good, solid, practical tools on how to move your business forward, how to scale and how to start getting the clients and the life that you really want! I now make most of my money through passive income!

Lisa Johnson

Celine sold 17 spots into her group program and sold out her one on one Coaching. After the BYBO coaching, she was able to increase her pricing for her group and one on one coaching sessions.

Celine da Costa

Joe landed a $40K contract PLUS generated $30K in 9 weeks, after joining Chanelle on her BYBO coaching program.

Joe Mebrahtu

I launched and SOLD OUT 6 workshops, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and generated over R216K ($16K) in sales! Thanks to the BYBO coaching program with Chanelle, I got clear on who I wanted to work with and developed and launched my workshops successfully.

Jacki Bruniquel

Because of Chanelle, I am now a 6 figure business owner, in USD. Since creating my signature offer my package has been sold out every single month without fail.

Carol Hampshire

Within the first 6-weeks, I had my first online launch and made £43K in a 48 hour period. That all came from Chanelle!
Chanelle gave me the idea to offer PR to coaches/consultants/mentors and I've already set up the company. I'm working with Chanelle and her team to create the brand. I already have 5 clients before the website is launched! I'm already making money in the new company from her idea.

Nicola Russell-Roy

Kelly Chandler Consulting
2018 the year of consistent 5-figure months! July saw me sell £18,500 worth of business in 18 days. I exceeded my 2017 turnover by 31st August.
With 3 months left of the year, I’m totally on track to hit and smash my ambitious 2018 yearly target. The future is looking full of opportunities as my knowledge and profile has massively expanded by following Chanelle’s advice. 
She’s kept me razor focussed on my business, helping me to ignore the noise and the next shiny thing; with consistent action on what works for my brand hero/ideal client. I have absolute clarity on my brand hero, and have developed very specific services for them which are constantly developing. She’s helped me significantly upskill to reach my ideal audience. I could not be more excited about my work and Chanelle is an integral part of team Kelly’s success. 

Kelly Chandler



  My Prices now range from $2900 (4 hrs) - $9500 (signature photography collection). I have the ideal clientele and take on a lot fewer commissions. Working with Chanelle is simply empowering.

I had just made the big move to California from Italy and it was like starting over. I was well established in Italy and considered one of the leading wedding photographers. But the pay in Italy was very low and competitive and I took on way too many clients to earn enough money and after a few years was totally burnt out. When I arrived in California, the artist in me was practically dead.  That is when I started working with Chanelle. 

I raised my prices. I rebranded. I wanted to slow down and bring the fine art aspect into my work. Chanelle helped me with my SEO and blogging to target and market California and my page is now ranking on the first page of google for some of my keywords. 

Finally, we are now working one-on-one mentoring days with me in destinations around the world. 

I recommend working with Chanelle as she knows a lot about online marketing and is extremely resourceful. She is also empathetic and can pull out your talents and direct you to your next right step. 

Rochelle Cheever



£5000 package sold after one coaching call!

I had a discovery call and one coaching call with Chanelle. I took quick, inspired action, completed Module 1, 2 and 3 of Build Your Brand Online and started putting into place what I had learned. 

The first thing we worked on was a high-end signature offer combining both my coaching & branding done-for-you service. We tweaked my “Brand Hero” aka my ideal client on steroids

I designed my sales page and Chanelle helped me refine the copy (writing). As she says - Always have a sales page - ditch the list of services!. 

On my birthday I announced the new offer and sold one at £5000! Just weeks after starting to work with Chanelle! 

Nicki James



  €41 000 Euros in 90-Days for photography and personal branding work while working with Chanelle!

My new business launched within 2 weeks of our intensive! I also landed a dream assignment for a new Brand Visioning client in The Bahamas.

Chanelle helped me craft a story around my marketing and find ways to connect with my clients on a personal level so that they would jump at the chance to work with me. I learned how to find my clients and how to market to them in a personal way.

Claire Morgan


“I made £21.5K from 2 Event clients signed in my first month on the program!” - Rupa Nagamootoo - UK

I made £21.5K from 2 Event clients signed in a month! I'm happier and less stressed

Due to health issues, my business had to take a temporary back seat. I knew I needed to get going. I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to reach my full potential due to my health and a bit overwhelmed! Chanelle has helped me focus on what I want and what works for me. I’m working smarter. I'm looking at my goals constantly and making decisions based on them. Through being more focused, having the accountability, and as my health has improved, I feel more in control. I have learned to focus on my health and my business at the same time - a better balance! I have had more consistency in earnings! I am doing more of the type of work I dreamed of. I’m happier and less stressed!

I recommend working with Chanelle because she says like it is and she gets straight to the point. I like her approach of getting things done, but also that she recognises that there are times when things other than business come first. She has a great network which I have utilised to outsource certain parts of my business.

Rupa Nagamootoo


Laura Payne Stanley

  Within 12 weeks I’d booked 4 new coaching clients all on 90-Day Packages and brought in $10 000 to this new branch of my business!

My 90-day coaching programme with Chanelle has been transformative! I needed a business coach to help push me to officially launch my new business with a clear direction. I’ve gone from an idea, to creating a high-level brand and developing and launching my new coaching website, all within 12 weeks.

Even before the new brand and website launched I was securing new vibrant coaching clients, who were attracted to my unique form of coaching.

I recommend working with Chanelle because her experience of creating high-level kick-ass brands, mixed with focused accountability is dynamite in launching new projects.

Laura Payne-Stanley


Kate Nielen Photography -15-2

  We're now selling 3-month mentoring packages (priced at £1800) to upcoming wedding planners - a brand new income stream!

Chanelle helped us by teaching us how to create our first paid webinar from the sales page to the actual recording of the training, and this now brings us regular passive income.

Chanelle helped us launch a revamped mentoring service advising us what to include on the sales page and how we should promote and price this new service.

She taught us the principles of Facebook ads giving us the confidence to run our own. One such ad has enabled us to grow our mailing list by over 400 in just 2 months. We created a free mini-course which fed into a Facebook group which we are growing steadily.

Bernadette & Sandy



  Within 3-months, I’d completely changed career paths from PA to landing my dream job as a full-time photographer at one of the top studios in London!

Before I started coaching with Chanelle, I was working in an office as a PA, shooting on the weekends and felt totally burned out. I worked with Chanelle in her 90-Day program. I had a big dream to be a full-time photographer but I was scared, confused and exhausted. I didn’t know where to start and I felt lost.

Chanelle helped me gain self-confidence and I resigned from my full-time job – the best part was my boss offered me 2 months full pay and I could stop working right away! I had the time to shoot for my portfolio, work on my personal brand and I used this to apply for a job at an amazing portrait studio.

I highly recommend working with Chanelle. She is a very inspirational woman and artist; she has a very positive energy, and she definitely has a gift for teaching! 

Veruschka Baudo


Bev Jardine RESIZED

  Without Chanelle’s guidance and constant encouragement, I would never have been able to set up my business so quickly and so high end and start earning from it almost immediately!

Before meeting Chanelle, I knew I wanted to start something, but my confidence and mindset needed a bit of work. Our intensive gave me some practical tools around a business startup but the most important thing I walked away with that day was the confidence to put my idea into action and to really pursue my passion. What started out as an idea that morning, quickly progressed into a plan and by the end of the day I was ready to get my business started!

After our intensive, I knew I needed Chanelle as my coach for a bit longer and I signed up for one of her coaching packages. I needed more in-depth help with my brand, more accountability to really get things going and to keep momentum, and also some ongoing mindset work.

Bev Jardine


“Over $10k in one month! I now work less hours (6 hour days) and make more money than I ever have before!” - Chantal Edouard-Betsy - South Africa

  Over $10k in one month! I now work less hours (6 hour days) and make more money than I ever have before!

I tripled my price point for my key offering and I’m planning a 20-30% increase of that rate because demand for my services is so high now and I am attracting my ideal clients daily. 

As a result of my work with Chanelle, my life has completely done a 180! The minute I implemented Chanelle’s suggestions of a more personal brand with my voice, the bookings and the money began flowing almost immediately. I have gone from a frustrated web designer and developer with a failing business to an internationally recognized and successful web expert who is highly regarded in my field and attracting work from all over the world doing ideal projects for ideal clients.

Chantal Edouard-Betsy


Julia Boggio Coaching Testimonial

  As a result of my work with Chanelle, I have become more proactive in reaching out to the clients who already love my work and she’s helped me to organise my life better. I’m actively seeking out speaking engagements to promote my online training and the website should be launching soon.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me to focus on getting results by going back to basics; she encouraged me to reach out personally to clients and build relationships again (I used to have a staff who managed these relationships for me). She also helped me to make decisions about where to take the business and has been invaluable in coaching me on how to add online training to my offering.

Julia Boggio