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Creating Success

How to Add more Personality into Your Brand

How to create the perfect brand

In a recent article, I discussed the importance of personal branding and how it can open doors for you. I talked about how we would choose a Martha Stewart recipe online over other authors purely because of her name, but have you ever watched her cook on TV? She’s somewhat dry and bland! She’s done…

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Managing Your Time While Doing Everything

As a parent, partner and business owner, you’re never lacking in things to do. You’re on your phone replying to emails, managing a big project and organising the must-have item for show-and-tell at 7 am on a Friday morning. No matter how much you wish for it, a 25-hour day isn’t going to happen. However,…

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5 Steps To Empower Yourself

I work with a lot of women (and a handful of men) entrepreneurs. They’re experts, overqualified and amazing at what they do – yet I see self-doubt and imposter syndrome almost cripple them into walking away and giving up before they even start! Often times people sign up to work with me because they want…

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How to Develop Powerful Habits

Your alarm on your phone goes off, you roll over, turn it off and automatically the urge to start scrolling hits! You check the time, your email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp…agh! This is not how you really want to start your day, but it’s just so tempting. The sun peeks through the shutters. You climb out…

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The Importance of Personal Branding

Imagine this. It’s 4 am. You’re standing outside an Apple Store feeling damp and cold, wishing you could be in your bed sleeping. As you exhale, you can see your foggy breath. “It’ll be worth it,” you think. You peek over your shoulder trying to find the end of the line. It doesn’t matter because…

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Get Uncomfortable, Grow Your Business [Video]

Time for an internal check-up (and by internal I mean looking inwards, digging deep and finding courage).  You know that feeling, when you’re scared to reach out to somebody or you’re not sure about putting yourself on camera, being in photos, or opening up on social media. You get UNCOMFORTABLE. You know what I mean,…

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What is today’s definition of success?

Gone are the days of being proud of an overflowing inbox, burning the midnight oil and spinning out of control. TODAY SUCCESS IS REDEFINED AS: Having time freedom Working less while achieving more Being off all weekend Taking regular holidays away Creating daily routines that support you The more you learn to let go, outsource and…

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How to choose to have a good day [Video]

How do you choose to have a good day? You know the drill in the morning. You wake up –  roll-over and tenderly reach out…  Nope! Not what I’m talking about. Your first point of contact for the day is you, blearily clutching your smartphone while scrolling or reading your emails through one sleepy eye.…

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