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The mindset of an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you always need to be thinking about new and creative ways to make money. Whereas most of the working population are seeing how they can stretch a dollar, entrepreneurs focus on creating money. In order to truly thrive as an entrepreneur, you need to be on the lookout for new problems that...
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Events being cancelled due to CoronaVirus and how to pivot

So let’s talk about what’s happening lately. This week I should have been hosting my second Barefoot Luxe Business Retreat on the West Coast of South Africa, but I'm not. The Corona Virus is affecting people all over the world, so many people on my feed now are affected by the virus, schools are closed...
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You can change the way you think!

You’ve probably heard that it’s possible to shape the way you think through forming new habits, saying affirmations out loud or challenging yourself by playing Sudoku. In fact, scientists have already proven that your brain is changed by new experiences every day. This form of shaping and moulding is referred to as neural plasticity -...
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