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“My consultancy business is the reality of my vision. I’m earning the money I dreamed of making. I’m working smarter and my work-life balance is optimal” - Nicola Russell-Roy - UK

As a result of working with Chanelle, I launched my PR coaching offer. In a few days I've done £41K of sales for both my private coaching and done-for-you services. This business is exactly what I envisioned and I'm making the money I dreamed of!

I love the fact that although she is super busy herself and has many clients you feel like you are the only one she is working with, this is due to her high level of genuine,  client care  she has for her clients, their wellbeing and their needs. 

I recommend working with Chanelle because she is straight talking, she has your back, she knows what she is talking about, she doesn’t take any shortcuts, and you can rely on her to give the support you would want from any good coach.

Nicola Russell-Roy


Kelly Chandler Consulting
2018 the year of consistent 5-figure months! July saw me sell £18,500 worth of business in 18 days. I exceeded my 2017 turnover by 31st August.
With 3 months left of the year, I’m totally on track to hit and smash my ambitious 2018 yearly target. The future is looking full of opportunities as my knowledge and profile has massively expanded by following Chanelle’s advice. 
She’s kept me razor focussed on my business, helping me to ignore the noise and the next shiny thing; with consistent action on what works for my brand hero/ideal client. I have absolute clarity on my brand hero, and have developed very specific services for them which are constantly developing. She’s helped me significantly upskill to reach my ideal audience. I could not be more excited about my work and Chanelle is an integral part of team Kelly’s success. 

Kelly Chandler


"I generated $24.5K and paid off my credit cards within 9 weeks of starting BYBO! So Thankful!" - Joe Mebrahtu - Canada

I generated over $31k in revenue and paid off my credit card, in 2 months since starting BYBO. So thankful!! 

Made $2K for 2-Hours of one-on-one consulting work. Sold 3 coaching packages in the space of 2 weeks totaling $7500 (July 2018). Signed up a coaching/consulting client for $40K contract that I was going to pitch at $5K.

After a week of working with Chanelle my private consulting went better that I could have hoped.  I can’t put into words how it feels to be paid based on value rather than time. I am so grateful for your assistance and encouragement.

While working with Chanelle, I got clear on my message, offer and audience. She gave me the clarity, strategy and self-belief to launch immediately.  As a result I ended up enrolling three clients for $10,000 within 6 weeks.

Joe Mebrahtu


"£13K WOW. Within weeks of doing BYBO I had my first 5-figure month!" - Jennifer Claire Constant - UK

I launched my first group program with £17K in revenue. My second group program launched with £22K in revenue! I’m consistently having 5-figure months. 

Chanelle gave me so much confidence in my business, along with new techniques I’d not considered. I launched my coaching programme the day of our discovery call. No website or even a landing page! As a result, I had 5 coaching clients and a one-day intensive sign up, equalling £5.3k in sales.

I extended my coaching plan before the end of my first month. Chanelle helps you realise you can take on the world!  When you are just starting out this is exactly what you need. She knows her stuff when it comes to marketing so is a fantastic mentor. 

As a result of working with Chanelle I have beautiful sales pages, my website is looking amazing and I’m learning business techniques that are saving me time. Chanelle really cares about your results. She wants you to succeed. She celebrates with you and gives you the drive to go beyond your goals.

Jennifer Claire Constant



£5000 package sold after one coaching call!

I had a discovery call and one coaching call with Chanelle. I took quick, inspired action, completed Module 1, 2 and 3 of Build Your Brand Online and started putting into place what I had learned. 

The first thing we worked on was a high-end signature offer combining both my coaching & branding done-for-you service. We tweaked my “Brand Hero” aka my ideal client on steroids

I designed my sales page and Chanelle helped me refine the copy (writing). As she says - Always have a sales page - ditch the list of services!. 

On my birthday I announced the new offer and sold one at £5000! Just weeks after starting to work with Chanelle! 

Nicki James


“I had a £60k mastermind launch, and went up to £10k a month in passive income alone!” - Lisa Johnson - UK

I’ve created a multiple 6-figure business and have launched 3 semi-passive programs at over £100K each in revenue in 2019 already! I have 6-figure months not years now!

I had a £60k mastermind launch, became an Amazon best-seller, doubled my 1-1 prices and sold out continuously (always with a waitlist), within weeks of starting to work with Chanelle. 

I'm asked to speak at prestigious events, I've been featured in the press and more importantly I feel so confident about what I can achieve. I was also able to bounce ideas off Chanelle and rant when I needed, knowing she’d understand as she had been through similar issues.

Chanelle was a perfect fit – she got me and what I needed instantly. She helped me shift my mindset up a gear and think even bigger, showed me how to do the tech stuff that was holding me back, but also didn’t let me get away with any procrastination (I’m a pretty strong character so this was no easy job!). 

Lisa Johnson



  My Prices now range from $2900 (4 hrs) - $9500 (signature photography collection). I have the ideal clientele and take on a lot fewer commissions. Working with Chanelle is simply empowering.

I had just made the big move to California from Italy and it was like starting over. I was well established in Italy and considered one of the leading wedding photographers. But the pay in Italy was very low and competitive and I took on way too many clients to earn enough money and after a few years was totally burnt out. When I arrived in California, the artist in me was practically dead.  That is when I started working with Chanelle. 

I raised my prices. I rebranded. I wanted to slow down and bring the fine art aspect into my work. Chanelle helped me with my SEO and blogging to target and market California and my page is now ranking on the first page of google for some of my keywords. 

Finally, we are now working one-on-one mentoring days with me in destinations around the world. 

I recommend working with Chanelle as she knows a lot about online marketing and is extremely resourceful. She is also empathetic and can pull out your talents and direct you to your next right step. 

Rochelle Cheever



My private coaching sold out with a waitlist and I raised my price twice within 6 weeks. I launched my first group program and got 17 people in it!

During our time together, Chanelle helped me roll up my sleeves and get things done for my business: within 6-weeks of working together, I had increased my prices significantly, created and launched my opt-in freebie, and created a strategy for my email marketing. Chanelle also helped me set up Facebook ads (which I knew nothing about), launch my first course, and create my brand video.

As a result of my work with Chanelle, I added tons of structure into my business that is now allowing me to run it more smoothly. My prices keep increasing, and I have learned marketing tactics that I continue to bring into my projects.

I love her gentle but firm style of teaching: she understands my style of working and pushed me forward every week in a way that's sustainable and helps me get shit done!

Celinne Da Costa

BRAND STORY COACH | WRITER - Permanent Traveller

“I now have more money with less clients, and they are my absolute dream clients!” - Beatrice Chan - Mauritius

 I now have more money with less clients, and the cherry on top... they are my absolute dream clients!

Before the group coaching program, I was working with several clients managing their social media accounts. Working with Chanelle helped me get clear on my ideal clients and charging what I am worth.

On my return from my travels to my home country, I was approached by several online blogs/ magazines for an interview about my lifestyle and went on to feature on national radio.

I am also looking forward to adding a coaching offer as one of my services to help women earn a sustainable income doing what they love, while slow traveling in comfort and style.

I enjoy working with Chanelle (I am now in her group program) because she gets straight to the core of building your brand online in simple and practical steps. Having this structure in place helps me know what I need to do to grow my business to the next level.

She truly gives more than you expect!

Beatrice Chan



I’m consistently bringing in an additional €10-20K per month thanks to BYBO! 

I booked 15,000 worth of photography clients in one morning! Prior to launching my group coaching program,  I booked 4750 worth of coaching projects in a week!

As a result of my work with Chanelle, my brand and business both look AND feel mature and trustworthy. I started coaching way ahead of my own plans! My website was up and running in a week. My social media is filled and actively growing my email list. People are getting to know me, and I have an active FB Group where I share my knowledge. My group coaching of photographers is going so well and my waitlist is growing!

One of my biggest breakthroughs was getting in front of a camera and starting doing FB lives, filming videos. I'm now hosting public speaking events. 

My business is booming! In January 2019 I closed more than $22,000 of business in one month, and had more discovery calls than ever!  Thanks to Chanelle I dare to dream big, and put in the hard work to make it happen!

Yvonne van Dalen


Louise Beukes 2 resize

  By the time I had finished the group program, I’d brought in over £10k of sales and contributed to my best month yet!

Chanelle’s Build Your Brand Online Group Program helped me to focus on my niche and get more targeted with the services and support I offer my clients.

As a result, I launched my new Signature Branding Experience (signing my first client pre-launch!) and created a new group program to help established wedding business owners take control of their business systems and finances, selling out within a week.

Louise Beukes



  €41 000 Euros in 90-Days for photography and personal branding work while working with Chanelle!

My new business launched within 2 weeks of our intensive! I also landed a dream assignment for a new Brand Visioning client in The Bahamas.

Chanelle helped me craft a story around my marketing and find ways to connect with my clients on a personal level so that they would jump at the chance to work with me. I learned how to find my clients and how to market to them in a personal way.

Claire Morgan


“I made £21.5K from 2 Event clients signed in my first month on the program!” - Rupa Nagamootoo - UK

I made £21.5K from 2 Event clients signed in a month! I'm happier and less stressed

Due to health issues, my business had to take a temporary back seat. I knew I needed to get going. I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to reach my full potential due to my health and a bit overwhelmed! Chanelle has helped me focus on what I want and what works for me. I’m working smarter. I'm looking at my goals constantly and making decisions based on them. Through being more focused, having the accountability, and as my health has improved, I feel more in control. I have learned to focus on my health and my business at the same time - a better balance! I have had more consistency in earnings! I am doing more of the type of work I dreamed of. I’m happier and less stressed!

I recommend working with Chanelle because she says like it is and she gets straight to the point. I like her approach of getting things done, but also that she recognises that there are times when things other than business come first. She has a great network which I have utilised to outsource certain parts of my business.

Rupa Nagamootoo


Branding shoot for Jacki Bruniquel in Ballito, South Africa by photographer Elizabeth Donnell

I launched and SOLD OUT 6 workshops, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and generated over R216K ($16K) in sales!

I would recommend working with Chanelle as she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help any entrepreneur who is wanting to launch something but isn't sure of where to start. Making the leap to launch workshops has been huge for me. I’ve generated R216 500 in new income to my business, while fitting the workshops around my busy wedding season clients.

My most important work to date with Chanelle has been getting clear on my branding and website. She guided me in finding the people that I truly love working with. I am so excited by what the future holds for me and my business.

Jacki Bruniquel


Janice Kruse-Grant RESIZED

  As a result of working with Chanelle, it has given me the courage to raise my prices, the confidence to rethink my brand and the clarity to know the clients I want to work with.

Chanelle is real, honest, multi-faceted and truly gifted. Her mindset work is phenomenal.

The course makes you think deeper at a visceral level. It takes you through a journey and then adds serious practicality to get you moving and applying.

Janice Kruse-Grant



Shortly after working with Chanelle, my business was chosen as a semi-finalist in a competition. I’m launching two new ranges this season, as well as one completely new brand!

Before I started working with Chanelle, my product-based business had become tired and I was overwhelmed. I felt that both my business and I were stagnating, and my confidence was low. Working with Chanelle has helped me get back in touch with my WHY. We got really clear on who my ideal client was and exactly how I could communicate with and sell to that client. My marketing is much more streamlined.
I’m launching two new ranges and a completely new brand as a result of my work with Chanelle. My business was chosen as a semi-finalist in a competition, which was a huge boost and fantastic exposure. At my personal branding shoot with Chanelle we created the perfect look and feel for my brand. The photos came out even better than I imagined!
I highly recommend working with Chanelle because she’ll encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and step up and play bigger - it was just the push I needed!

Paula Jones



  Since the full re-brand, I was invited to speak alongside Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols in a personal and professional development summit! 

Synchronicities connected Chanelle and I, when I was looking for a website developer. The moment I spoke to Chanelle I knew she was the one for the job.

Because of Chanelle’s understanding of my industry, online marketing skills and visual understanding as a designer and photographer, she did what most other web developers can’t do - complete the entire process for the rebrand and website from a to z with quality in every step. She made the process feel effortless from the beginning until the end.

During our work together we put my new brand into a visual concept, created a new logo, pictures, and website to properly reflect my new brand. Chanelle's background in the advertising world gives her a huge advantage for anyone who wants to create a unique personal brand from the ground up.

(Full personal brand creation with photos, video, website, coaching and VIP Intensive in The Seychelles)

Vibeke Schurch

Success-soul® living | HEALER & BUSINESS COACH

Shannon Sweetman cropped RESIZED

 Within a two week period, I managed to land 3 huge contracts! One with a very popular National retail chain - securing me just under 6 figures. I've just landed a photography job to do the imagery for a cookbook. I Launched my first Quarterly Subscription Box (for Dog Meets Girl my brand) too!

I believe through Chanelle's course & her guidance I was able to attract and lock down these deals. Developing a Brand hero has been incredibly powerful helping me to zone in on the clients I want, doing a small personal branding shoot took me from a young hippy girl to showing my client that I mean business!

Before I started working with Chanelle, I was a ball of confusion! I had so many ideas & concepts whirling around in my head but had no idea how to take action or which direction to move in.

Chanelle is super hands-on as a coach, I was incredibly nervous to take the plunge and sign up but it has been one of the best decisions yet.

I recommend working with Chanelle because her passion, energy & knowledge rubs off on you and ignites something inside. Chanelle has a wealth of knowledge & a brilliant business mind. 

Shannon Sweetman


“€4100 extra revenue from mentoring in just 4 weeks of being on the program!” - Dasha Caffrey - Ireland

  Since starting Build Your Brand Online the group programme, I've brought in €4100. I booked my first mentoring client prior to launching!

The idea of adding mentoring services as my second stream of income was still very very new when I started working with Chanelle. We are in the early stages, I’m going through the Build Your Brand Online program at the moment and I had my first private coaching call a couple of weeks ago.

Going through the program and the call already gave me so much clarity on what I want and need to do. I’m looking forward to making more progress in the coming weeks!

Dasha Caffrey



  I'm creating consistent 5-figure months (USD $) in my business! My signature package is now priced at $5000.

Although I had been working for myself for 20 years, I had lost my inspiration and was ready to change direction and up-level in all areas of my business.

Chanelle helped me get into inspired action through helping me implement a top quality business strategy, focused mindset and an ever-encouraging passion for what she does. She gave me the confidence and self-belief to grow my business to new heights. 

My brand is fresher and attracts my ideal clients easily, and I am in a position to reach my financial goals without sacrificing my lifestyle or freedom.

Carol Hampshire


Laura Payne Stanley

  Within 12 weeks I’d booked 4 new coaching clients all on 90-Day Packages and brought in $10 000 to this new branch of my business!

My 90-day coaching programme with Chanelle has been transformative! I needed a business coach to help push me to officially launch my new business with a clear direction. I’ve gone from an idea, to creating a high-level brand and developing and launching my new coaching website, all within 12 weeks.

Even before the new brand and website launched I was securing new vibrant coaching clients, who were attracted to my unique form of coaching.

I recommend working with Chanelle because her experience of creating high-level kick-ass brands, mixed with focused accountability is dynamite in launching new projects.

Laura Payne-Stanley


Derryn Schmidt

I made R35 000 in sales and I have to attribute my success to Chanelle’s program.

I created my first ever sales page and ran a successful workshop under the guidance of Chanelle. My workshop was attended by 12 photographers, two of which travelled all the way from Pretoria. I learnt so much about how to market effectively through the use of a sales funnel. I made R35 000 in sales and I have to attribute my success to Chanelle’s program. Knowing how to teach is one thing, having the desire to be a mentor is another - but having the skills and tools to market effectively and reach your students online is a completely different ball game and one that Chanelle is a master at. 

Derryn Schmidt



  I’ve been able to develop a really authentic storyline for my brand and am ready to take my offering to market. I feel confident about talking about what I do. And I feel confident charging for what I do. 

I decided to invest in Chanelle’s course because I wanted to develop my content marketing business. Over a decade spent as a marketing copywriter meant I was bubbling over with insights and knowledge. I’d started to dish out content and digital marketing strategy advice to my clients (and friends), and I wanted to formalise those interactions and position myself as a consultant.

Little did I know the kind of effect her course would have.

I’m also an amateur illustrator and have always longed to turn that into something more. Chanelle has provided me with tangible, grounded tools to help me turn this passion into a viable revenue stream. The mind boggles at the shift I’ve experienced during my time working with her.

I’d highly recommend taking her course. She empowers you and is an incredible resource when it comes to the finer details of managing a digital brand. Regardless of where you are on your personal and professional journey, you’ll be able to grow when you commit yourself to her process. 

Alana Moyes



My group program as launched with great success. My online coaching business is growing. My speaking engagements and done-for-you-services have all sky rocketed. Thanks to Build You Brand Online!

The thing that I love most about BYBO is that I can do it all at my own pace and I can go back and go over and over modules. Chanellle is absolutely marvellous at anything technical and explaining it to people who take a while to understand (like me). One of the breakthroughs I had was understanding and discovering that I really only need to be one or two steps ahead of my target audience. That when I launch something new, it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. Wedding planners tend to be perfectionists, so it's quite a step to understand that it doesn't have to be 100% perfect and you can improve it as you go along. You just need to start with something!

Chanelle is unbelievably patient. She doesn't mind repeating things multiple times. She is really good at sharing updates in the online space as they happen. As she learns, she shares with the people in her community and program. If you are considering joining BYBO, I really would suggest that you don't hesitate. It's a great space to be in.

Sandy Moretta



  I'm now successfully selling life & business coaching programs priced at $2500 each!

When I started working with Chanelle, I was keen to have a new challenge in business (having had a successful hair & makeup business for 20 years). However, I could not seem to focus and get moving with any of my ideas; I felt lost and frustrated.

Chanelle helped me determine the outcome that I desired and consequently which business could fulfill that; once I had that clarity, Chanelle gave me the support and encouragement that I needed to put that business into gear.

My journey with Chanelle has been wonderful; she kept me on target with my goals and each week looked forward to updating her on my achievements as well as to talk through any new challenges.

Claire Nicole


Kate Nielen Photography -15-2

  We're now selling 3-month mentoring packages (priced at £1800) to upcoming wedding planners - a brand new income stream!

Chanelle helped us by teaching us how to create our first paid webinar from the sales page to the actual recording of the training, and this now brings us regular passive income.

Chanelle helped us launch a revamped mentoring service advising us what to include on the sales page and how we should promote and price this new service.

She taught us the principles of Facebook ads giving us the confidence to run our own. One such ad has enabled us to grow our mailing list by over 400 in just 2 months. We created a free mini-course which fed into a Facebook group which we are growing steadily.

Bernadette & Sandy


“Over $10k in one month! I now work less hours (6 hour days) and make more money than I ever have before!” - Chantal Edouard-Betsy - South Africa

  Over $10k in one month! I now work less hours (6 hour days) and make more money than I ever have before!

I tripled my price point for my key offering and I’m planning a 20-30% increase of that rate because demand for my services is so high now and I am attracting my ideal clients daily. 

As a result of my work with Chanelle, my life has completely done a 180! The minute I implemented Chanelle’s suggestions of a more personal brand with my voice, the bookings and the money began flowing almost immediately. I have gone from a frustrated web designer and developer with a failing business to an internationally recognized and successful web expert who is highly regarded in my field and attracting work from all over the world doing ideal projects for ideal clients.

Chantal Edouard-Betsy


Julia Boggio Coaching Testimonial

  As a result of my work with Chanelle, I have become more proactive in reaching out to the clients who already love my work and she’s helped me to organise my life better. I’m actively seeking out speaking engagements to promote my online training and the website should be launching soon.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me to focus on getting results by going back to basics; she encouraged me to reach out personally to clients and build relationships again (I used to have a staff who managed these relationships for me). She also helped me to make decisions about where to take the business and has been invaluable in coaching me on how to add online training to my offering.

Julia Boggio


Signing up with Chanelle was the best decisions I’ve made. I implemented her suggestions and embraced her guidance, and my business improved by 50%.” - Sharon Castle - South Africa

  The decision to sign up with Chanelle was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. Once I implemented her suggestions and embraced the guidance she gave, my business improved by 50% growing my client base at a rapid rate.  

I have been a life coach for over 35 years, and 10 years ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to do this work as a hobby but create a successful business where I could serve more people and do this work that I absolutely love with a passion.

After some deliberation, I decided to sign up for Chanelle’s coaching programme as I realized if Forbes Magazine was featuring this young woman, she must have something valuable to offer.

Just this past week, I found myself ‘twiddling’ my thumbs wondering what else I needed to do as all my work was complete by 12 pm over a few days. This had never happened to me before as most days I couldn’t fit in everything that I needed to do and would work late at night and over weekends which led to exhaustion and resentment.

Thank you, Chanelle for pointing me in the direction of my freedom and for continuing to teach me how to do this work in a much more relaxed way.

Sharon Castle


Dezi Cloete 2 RESIZED

    I’ve walked away with knowledge on how to approach my business and to tackle my fears with confidence. She provides awesome problem-solving solutions to get you achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of.

I joined Build Your Brand Online - The Group Program, because her brand resonates with the life I want to live, but more importantly, she designed this amazing group program filled with all her knowledge of the online business world. And to make the deal sweeter, she comes online and coaches you directly too!

Chanelle provided me with the structured modules, mindset work and advice I needed to get started. I am now working with my very first (non-paying) client to build my confidence, coaching style and testimonial for when I build my own brand online.

She gives of herself so freely, and I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!

Dezi Cloete


Bev Jardine RESIZED

  Without Chanelle’s guidance and constant encouragement, I would never have been able to set up my business so quickly and so high end and start earning from it almost immediately!

Before meeting Chanelle, I knew I wanted to start something, but my confidence and mindset needed a bit of work. Our intensive gave me some practical tools around a business startup but the most important thing I walked away with that day was the confidence to put my idea into action and to really pursue my passion. What started out as an idea that morning, quickly progressed into a plan and by the end of the day I was ready to get my business started!

After our intensive, I knew I needed Chanelle as my coach for a bit longer and I signed up for one of her coaching packages. I needed more in-depth help with my brand, more accountability to really get things going and to keep momentum, and also some ongoing mindset work.

Bev Jardine



  Within 3-months, I’d completely changed career paths from PA to landing my dream job as a full-time photographer at one of the top studios in London!

Before I started coaching with Chanelle, I was working in an office as a PA, shooting on the weekends and felt totally burned out. I worked with Chanelle in her 90-Day program. I had a big dream to be a full-time photographer but I was scared, confused and exhausted. I didn’t know where to start and I felt lost.

Chanelle helped me gain self-confidence and I resigned from my full-time job – the best part was my boss offered me 2 months full pay and I could stop working right away! I had the time to shoot for my portfolio, work on my personal brand and I used this to apply for a job at an amazing portrait studio.

I highly recommend working with Chanelle. She is a very inspirational woman and artist; she has a very positive energy, and she definitely has a gift for teaching! 

Veruschka Baudo



  Chanelle is more than a business coach to me; she has become the voice inside my head, motivating me and encouraging me on a daily basis.   

Chanelle has helped me take positive steps for my business through creating a more focused direction, by providing detailed steps on how to organise my days, how to target the clients I am looking for and on creating balance on all aspects of my life.  

As a result of my work with Chanelle so far, I’ve walked away with knowledge on how to approach my business and to tackle my fears with confidence. She provides awesome problem-solving solutions to get you achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of.

She gives of herself so freely, and I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!

Nicole Cienne


Business coaching testimonial for Segerius Bruce Coaching

  Chanelle helped me to recognise the functionality, aesthetic, and key elements of a successful website for my business.

She provided spot-on examples of other professionals in my field who had done this successfully and talked me through many of the doubts or questions I had about which information to include and how to present it in a business-savvy way.

I walked away with a clear idea on how to plan and build a new website for my business, as well as a confirmation on the social media and marketing pieces I was previously feeling confused about pursuing or using in my business.

Chanelle is extremely knowledgeable in her field, up to date with the latest online platforms for marketing, and her answers are straightforward, honest, and grounded in the latest statistics. She is relatable and has many examples in her own personal career of how to make a business successful and balanced.

Jocelyn Mandryk



  Chanelle’s encouragement and drive helped me to launch a website within a few days and get the ball rolling on my new career.

I joined Chanelle’s 6 Week Group Coaching program in November 2016, and during my time working with Chanelle, I had my first Discovery Call with a prospective client and succeeded in having a branding photoshoot for my website.

Chanelle’s knowledge of social media platforms and digital marketing is outstanding and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Working with her will keep you focused and striving towards your goals and as a result, I highly recommend working with Chanelle.

Janet Mohapi-Banks



  I felt energised and focused after my coaching intensive with Chanelle. It made me realise how much I can achieve in a short time, with a coach that is highly professional, grounded and who clearly structures her sessions. I feel completely motivated to take the plunge with confidence, focus, and drive.

Her techniques are concise and fresh, and she is right at the forefront of what is happening right now in the business world (especially online). 

Chanelle gives hands-on advice and knowledge. Her method of ‘teaching’ is precise, practical, clear and unconventional. Her unique perspective gave me new ideas to apply in my business that I hadn’t considered before. She filled in all the ‘insecure’ gaps I had about my business. 

Monica Dart



  I feel clear on how to organise my routine and where to focus. I’m taking my business to the next level and at the same time getting my personal life back!

I walked away with a new method for my workflow as well as essential information to promote myself. I recommend working with Chanelle because she helps you to reduce the learning curve, she provides information that it would take a long time to learn on your own!

Carolina Sainz



  We learned more in that 1hr session than all the advice we’ve received to date.

Thank you so much for the 1hr Skype call we had with you to learn more about social media. You were incredibly open and warm with all your advice and knowledge. Thank you so much.

Pippa & Ian


Bunn Salarzon Photographer

  Chanelle will guide you beyond just social media!

Chanelle handed me tools to make changes within my business and it’s up to me to see it through and make things happen, take responsibility and not wait hoping for things to come to me.

Chanelle will guide you beyond just social media! — really so much more. My weekly sessions with Chanelle opened my mind to more that I could achieve with my business, and they’re all doable.

I now take care of two local restaurant’s Instagram accounts, and I’ve been commissioned to photograph all the content for them too. This added a brand new income stream to my photography business.

Bunn Salarzon


naahid profile

   While I worked with Chanelle, she opened up the possibilities of working in the global market by using social media and digital marketing platforms.

Before I started working with Chanelle, my business was pitched at the local South African market but as a result of my work with Chanelle, my business and brand now have the look and feel that is authentically me. Planning and achieving the perfect branding photoshoot for my website and other social media platforms was a great success.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she gave me clarity on how to market my business and brand in the international market. I walked away with a clear idea on how to use the various social media and digital marketing platforms to attract my ideal client.

Naahid Nakidien



  I very much enjoyed my time working with Chanelle. My creative film and design studio had the backbone of something good but it wasn’t very well positioned to communicate clearly to the outside world and the many potential clients out there.

With every session I had with Chanelle, I started with simply not knowing what I might get out of it. I knew I wanted to build my business and make some progress in getting my name out there to increase the success in new business, but apart from that, I had no idea how business coaching worked and what these sessions might add to my business. This is where Chanelle made it a very smooth and enjoyable process, I left each session with a forward momentum – knowing that I had actions to work on and clear targets ahead of me.

I highly recommend working with Chanelle as someone to help with everything from social media, SEO, web communications right through to just being an ear to hear about your own plans in business and having the mind to turn those into something tangible.

Matt West