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Chanelle Segerius-Bruce 

Ok, I’m going to be truthful here for a second. I don’t talk about manifesting that much because, deep down, I’m a bit of a sceptic. I’m more of a technical get sh*t done kind of person if I’m honest with you.

However, I’m learning to embrace THE UNIVERSE and what it holds for me.

Stay with me now! Sometimes it takes something to jolt you and remind you that THIS STUFF WORKS.

This weekend’s my birthday weekend, and I got a lot of lovely Happy Birthday messages on Facebook, as you do. One I received on Sunday morning stopped me in my tracks and made my day.


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.38.37 PM

Aaaah What!?

This’s crazy! See, Gaelle and I are both in the same online coaching academy and recently we’ve been meeting once a week over Skype as accountability partners and to bounce ideas around. What are the chances that the person she’d pinned onto her Vision Board would be me and that I would come into her life?!


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.31.12 PM


Indeed, it’s a small world and, Gaelle, hold onto that vision for the final manifestation to occur.
I have no doubt that it will!

GAELLE LECOURT is a life & business coach who supports women to reclaim their personal freedom and start their own business so they can truly be themselves and do what they love. She lives in the Caribbean in Mexico during the winter and in France during the Summer and offer retreats in both locations. www.gaellelecourt.com

I’m going to share with you my two main vision boards and how you can create your own ones a little further down.


Here’s the vision board I created when I had the idea for my new social media marketing business back in November 2014. My vision was to work with women entrepreneurs, probably ones who are mom’s just like me (or who want to be) and help them to have more free time by providing a service where they can outsource their blogging and social media marketing.

This has now morphed into me coaching women like this too which I can totally relate to this very same board!

Do excuse the grainy iPhone pic, but you get the idea…


The next one is more of a personal vision board, but I also used some of the exact pictures as references when creating my new personal brand for my coaching business. As you can see, India Hicks is one of my icons.

Barefoot Luxury are the two keywords that came to me when creating my dream board and my dream brand.

Now, something to keep in mind is that the story above about Gaelle having me come into her life is not the first time I’ve heard of exact things from vision boards manifesting, which is slightly worrying as one of the pictures below shows India Hicks with four children!

LOL I’m not sure I could handle that many 😉

Dream and Vision Boarding

Feeling inspired? Want to create your one?

I recommend grabbing all the old magazines that are lying around your house; they probably need clearing out anyway! Buy some new ones too if you don’t find everything you desire in those pages. I do like using Pinterest. However, I highly recommend creating a collage like I did for the second board you see above and printing it out.

There’s something special about having a physical vision board to look at on a daily basis and I enjoy tearing images out and gluing them down onto a big sheet of white paper. Have some fun with it. It doesn’t have to look perfect!

First ask yourself: What do I want?

It seems simple enough, but when last did you sit down and answer this question deeply? I like doing boards for my business, my personal life goals and as a photographer, I used mood boards for creative ideas for shoots all the time.

When I wanted to transition from being an artworker to a high-end retoucher, I kept a flip-file with images of beautifully retouched skin and hair from Vogue. I studied those tear sheets for hours and eventually learned the art of retouching without blurring and keeping all the skin pores looking realistic. Our minds work well with pictures, and it helps us to focus on the things we want to do. I did end up retouching many images that went to Vogue magazine and worked for the top fashion photographers in the world when I lived in London.

I know I’m long overdue for revisiting this and creating my own new boards. I’m feeling all fired up now, and I hope you are too!

Join my private Facebook Group called BUILD YOUR BRAND ONLINE and I’d love to see your new vision boards posted in the group. It’s my way of holding you accountable.

I can’t get away with not doing a new one now!

Do you have a cool manifesting story, big or small, to share? I’d love to hear how you did it and what it was in the comments below.

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  1. Monica Dart on May 22, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    This is so inspiring! And I totally resonate with vision boards. My whole life i’ve created vision boards and believed that by putting out the images where I could see them…would surely result in achieving them. And so it’s happened time and time again. Once we move the flaps on the sides of our eyes, and allow our vision to have no boundaries, wonderful things can happen and unfold. When coming up with a name, tag line and quotes for my new business {The Flip-Flop Tree}, which will be launched soon!…one of the brainstorming sessions I came up with the words “barefoot luxury”! So reading your right up, I laughed out loud, as I took it as a sign that I really am on the right path. Your blog is so filled with energy and the most useful tips, I can get lost in here. Thank you!xxx

  2. Chantal Edouard-Betsy on May 23, 2016 at 9:14 am

    I’m a massive believe in the universe giving you what you need when you need it … as tough as it is to accept during the tough times, you have to remind yourself that you clearly need to be learning something from this time and find the lesson.

    Because my desk looks out onto my garden and my office having mainly just windows and very little wall – I create my vision boards for my iMac Desktop background. At the moment I have a gorgeous photo of Zinkwazi Beach I took a couple of years ago covered with affirmations to bring more abundance into my life.

    Every morning I read through them before starting my workday and every evening when I shut all the apps down I read them again … Holding onto faith that the abundance is coming.

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