The mindset of an entrepreneur

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce 

As an entrepreneur, you always need to be thinking about new and creative ways to make money. Whereas most of the working population are seeing how they can stretch a dollar, entrepreneurs focus on creating money. In order to truly thrive as an entrepreneur, you need to be on the lookout for new problems that need solving and act on those ideas fast. 

When you feel the burst of inspiration it’s important to run with the idea, flesh it out, speak to people about it, do a bit of market research and then launch it. Don’t go into overthinking and talking yourself out of it or staying stuck in procrastination mode. That’s the killer of action and results. 

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Grit and tenacity. There will be ups and downs when it comes to business. There’ll be higher cashflow months and much lower ones. Getting used to this is a personal development journey when people transition from full-time jobs to being a business owner. It takes some real courage and strength to weather the lows.

It takes grit and tenacity to be an entrepreneur.

Being able to look long term, create recurring income streams (like payment plans for group programs or memberships), and pops of income like doing a launch online, can help you map out your year and create sales projections and goals to aim for. Doing that plan can ease anxiety because you’ve got something to shoot for. 

The way you need to think

Create a big-picture WHY for your business and a closer-to-home WHY too.

What’s the difference? 

Your Big – Picture WHY

Well, a big WHY could be something along the lines of what I’ve had on my About Page since 2016 and that’s: “Chanelle uses her 20 years of experience in design, marketing, branding and business to coach women from around the world on how they can create their version of an extraordinary freedom-based lifestyle through entrepreneurship.”

Your closer-to-home WHY

This could be something like I’m an entrepreneur because I love working from home, being able to travel with my family, have my husband at home too and being able to walk on the beach every afternoon with my little girl and out two dogs. 

See the difference?

Both are important. The big picture WHY and your personal reasons for running your business. Now go create your own, type them out, print them and put them up in your office so you can see them every day. When things get hard or you just don’t feel like it then you can remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

The mindset you need to adopt

Focus on helping people. Remember that you’re never taking money from somebody when you’re selling in your business. Here’s a good reframe: Selling is serving. Never resort to using fear-based marketing, rather focus on giving value and results ahead of time so that people can see that you know your stuff and can make an informed decision on working with you. 

Think about these questions and write down your answers:

What RESULT can you help somebody get?

What outcome do they desire?

What problem are you solving with your offers? That’s what’s important. 

Also, please remember that people are not just numbers or dollar signs. Every person who invests in your product, service or program does so with a leap of faith and excitement to change their lives in some way. Be grateful for every sale that comes through and remember to help them get the best results possible. My coaching business is built on my Client Results and personal referrals. 

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Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

Chanelle is a business coach/consultant and personal branding specialist with over 20 years of experience. She's been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Stylist Magazine and COACH Magazine. She runs a global training business and works with women helping them launch, grow and scale their online businesses and create a freedom-based life through entrepreneurship.