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You're experienced, you have people asking you for coffee to pick your brain,

it's time for you to start speaking, mentoring, hosting workshops or coaching.

Ready to get your message to many and fully embrace this exciting new time in your life?

Are you ready to step up into a leadershop role?

To leverage the following you have and start offering people what they want from you?

Are you feeling:

  • Ready to start teaching, mentoring or hosting workshops/retreats?
  • Over this work, work, work phase?
  • Called to speak and share your years of knowledge?
  • Full of ideas and not sure what to focus on first?
  • That it's time to grow your following?
  • Like you're ready to jump but need some support?
  • Ready to embrace the online world and spread your message?


It's much like getting on a jet plane; you know the end destination, but you’ve no idea how the journey will go.

Personal Branding Expert and Business Coach

It takes a certain level of trust and belief that the vehicle you’ve chosen will get you to the place you desire to arrive.

You can select to fly economy, business or first class. It’s your choice how comfortable you want to be.

Sometimes, when we get to said destination, it’s not what we expected.

At first, it can feel so foreign that you can’t relax.

It takes a day or two to acclimatise to your new surroundings. You have to get used to where things are, get into a new routine and get over the jet lag.


Things take a little getting used to and soon enough start to feel normal. A new, wonderful kind of normal!

Clients Results

"I generated over $31K and paid off my credit cards within weeks of starting BYBO! So Thankful!" - Joe Mebrahtu

"£17K in revenue with my 1st program and £22K in revenue for my 2nd! I have consistent 5-figure months" - Jennifer Claire Constant 

“£18K in 18 days (July 2018). 2018 - The year of 5-figure months.” - Kelly Chandler

"I brought in over £10k of sales and contributed to my best month ever!" - Louise Beukes

£41K of sales within weeks of starting coaching. I'm making the money I dreamed of! - Nicola Russill-Roy

“€4100 extra revenue from mentoring in just 4 weeks of being on the program!” - Dasha Caffrey

“I’ve created a multiple 6-figure business. I've launched 3 programs at over £100K each in revenue in 2019 already!” - Lisa Johnson

“I made €41 000 Euros in 90-Days for photography and personal branding work!” - Claire Morgan

I launched and SOLD OUT 5 workshops, aimed at photographers and generated over R216K ($16K) in sales! - Jacki Bruniquel

“I made £21.5K from 2 Event clients signed in my first month working with Chanelle!” - Rupa Nagamootoo

“I'm creating consistent 5-figure months (US$)! My signature package is now priced at over $5000.” - Carol Hampshire

“Over $10k in one month! I now work less hours and make more money than I ever have before!” - Chantal Edouard-Betsy

"I’m consistently bringing in an additional $10-20K per month thanks to BYBO!" - Yvonne van Dalen

“My private coaching sold out, I raised my price twice within 6 weeks and sold 17 people into my first group program!” - Celinne Da Costa


Let's Discover Your Future Vision and make it happen now!

One-To-One Coaching A Bespoke Mix Of Coaching And Consulting

One-To-One Coaching A Bespoke Mix Of Coaching And Consulting

By working individually with you, I can get to the bottom of exactly what it is you need to learn to take your business forward.


Do you want to stand out from a crowded marketplace?

Through our coaching, you will create a jaw-dropping personal brand that attracts your ideal clients so you can make a good living doing what lights you up.


  • Create a personal brand that’s authentic to you and get’s clients jumping to work with you?
  • Learn about online marketing systems and structures so that you can find new clients?
  • Get clear on pricing and packages?
  • Leverage social media in order to have your business seen by the right people?
  • Have a business that doesn’t take over your entire life and ends up running you!?
  • Prioritise self-care and time with friends and family?
  • Learn how to hire support, Virtual Assistants, full-time and part-time staff like I’ve done?
  • Grow your profile and following so that you can get your message out into the world

Coaching is more than learning about branding & marketing. It’s about creating your version of an extraordinary life, one day at a time.

4-Month Coaching

  • 2-Hour Intensive
  • 4-Months of support (fortnightly sessions)
  • Build Your Brand Online Member Site Trainings
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions

4-Month Coaching + Website

  • 2-Hour Intensive
  • 4-Months of support (fortnightly sessions)
  • Build Your Brand Online Member Site Trainings
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions
  • Full Website Design + Build

Ready to take the next leap With Your Business?

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I can't wait to learn more about you!


My private coaching sold out with a waitlist and I raised my price twice within 6 weeks. I launched my first group program and got 17 people in it!

During our time together, Chanelle helped me roll up my sleeves and get things done for my business: within 6-weeks of working together, I had increased my prices significantly, created and launched my opt-in freebie, and created a strategy for my email marketing. Chanelle also helped me set up Facebook ads (which I knew nothing about), launch my first course, and create my brand video.

As a result of my work with Chanelle, I added tons of structure into my business that is now allowing me to run it more smoothly. My prices keep increasing, and I have learned marketing tactics that I continue to bring into my projects.

I love her gentle but firm style of teaching: she understands my style of working and pushed me forward every week in a way that's sustainable and helps me get shit done!

Celinne Da Costa

BRAND STORY COACH | WRITER - Permanent Traveller