Brand your expertise online

a 6-month group program

Price, package and sell your expertise as an offer that sells online

Have you been thinking about launching a course, group program or 1:1 offering and making money teaching what you know online, but just haven't made it happen yet?

You're tired of seeing others in your industry putting out courses and stepping up into a leadership role when you know in your heart that you could be doing that too!

Ditch the 100's of post-it notes and notebooks full of ideas. It's time to DECIDE and move forward with your idea. Get step-by-step guidance from somebody who's got a track record of helping other creatives, experts and experienced entrepreneurs turn their years of knowledge into a lucrative extra income stream.

You want leverage

You want to work online

You want to make money teaching what you know

It's finally time to create your signature offer that sells

You run a successful business. You've got years of experience and now it's time to step up, stand out authentically and share your expertise with those who're wanting to learn from you.

People are already inboxing you with requests to “pick your brain.” Clearly, this is a good sign, but when it comes to charging for your knowledge, you’ve got more questions than answers.

Can you still keep your existing business AND make money as an expert in your chosen field?

How do you neatly package up your knowledge into products and services that clients are willing to invest in?

And what exactly does it take to step up, become an industry leader, and build a personal brand? AND what does it mean to do an online launch?

What do you get from ... Brand Your Expertise Online?

It will show you how to:

  • Gain clarity around what your signature offer will be and how to sell it
  • Create your Brand Hero (your person! your ideal client)
  • Brand yourself as the expert that you are
  • Explode your visibility and create content that gets your message to the masses
  • Use your unique story to connect deeply and authentically online
  • Learn what systems and structures you need for email list building and growing your tribe
  • And more...

it's time to learn to launch online






This is for you if you're

  • Keen to mentor, teach, coach, consult online

  • Looking to brand yourself as the expert that you are

  • Ready to teach what you know, enabling others to do the work instead of you by outsourcing

  • Wanting to learn how to work online and on your own schedule instead of your clients’

  • Unsure of what to focus on first...and then after that...and then after that

  • Feeling unclear on who exactly you want to work with

  • Eager to get your message out to many instead of one person at a time!

  • Open to offering a blend of advising and high-end done for you services, so you can earn more profit while working fewer hours

a live 6-month group program

This is a LIVE, 6-Month Group Program that takes you step-by-step through the exact process that will get your mentoring business off the ground and teach you how to scale it, so you can leverage your time and get paid for what you know, NOT what you do.

Because you’re done with feeling overwhelmed, chasing after clients and having to physically show up and work to make money. If you don’t put in the hours the cash dries up. You are so ready to launch a program online!


Here it is ... A step-by-step program to get you pricing, packaging and launching your signature offer online

This is a repeatable process that will create a leveraged income stream for you

Module 1 - Go for the Goals

Go for the Goals

It's time to work out what you want. There's no point spending time and money on building your business when you're not feeling 100% aligned.

That’s why we start by setting your goals, doing powerful forward visioning and mapping out what your business needs to look like in order to support the life you want to create.

Figure out what online business model is right for YOU, so you can feel good and make money at the same time.

Move out of worker-bee mode and into the role of coach, consultant, speaker and leader. Narrow down your Zone Of Genius and move from feeling foggy-brained to crystal clear on what you do, what results you get for people and how to articulate that in a way that will have your ideal clients lining up out the door to work with you.


Module 2 - Brand Hero

Who do you want to work with?

Create your BRAND HERO. It's time to go deep. It's time to get to know your ideal client like never before. I'm talking about knowing her so well that when you write your newsletters and social media posts people message you asking if you were talking about them!?

You have to be specific in your marketing. It doesn't mean you'll never work with anyone else but when you can visualise this perfect person and write to them and them alone you'll nail it every time!


Module 3 - Signature Offers

Signature offers that sell out

A confused mind says no! When you're all over the place with your offers you'll feel overwhelmed and confused, imagine how your potential clients see this?

In Module 3, you’ll get clear on your main offer — the one thing you're excited to put together and share with the world. It's the package you want every client to buy!
It's time to flesh this out fully and be proud of the value you're offering and to charge your worth for your years of knowledge and experience.


Module 3b - Learn to launch online

learn to launch online

Seven lessons teaching you everything you need to know about launching. The lessons cover how to Build A Buying Audience, how to plan out your launch, exactly what to do when. How to warm up your audience and then how to sell people into your signature group program or courses. 

Launching can be used to sell 1:1, groups, courses or retreats. It's a rinse and repeat system that you can do multiple times a year to bring in a large pop of income into your business.

PLUS a behind-the-scenes, pull-back-the-curtain style case study of actual launches and how my clients got the results they got so you can apply what they did to your own launches online. 

mac image2

Module 4 - Personal Branding

Personal branding for Profit

Now that you’re no longer hiding on the sidelines, you’ll need to take centre stage as the face of your own personal brand.

In Module 4, you’ll create connection through STORY and your unique visual brand. What's fascinating about you to your Brand Hero? How can you stand out and remain authentic and genuine? Hint: the more real and personable you are the more this will happen naturally.

Then you’ll create the visual elements of your brand as you nail the look and feel. Whether you’re undergoing a brand refresh or starting from complete scratch, you’ll learn what goes into a brand that reflects your personality and where you are now (admit it, those pics you had done a year ago are looking a little tired!).


Module 5 - Get Found

Get Found (and Hired)

What if instead of having to seek out clients, clients found YOU?  

This is where you share your message and give the world the chance to find out what you do, who you are and how you can help them. Being specific in your marketing will ensure you attract your BRAND HERO. However, you do need to know how to create content and spread it across multiple social media platforms so that they have a chance to find you!

I'll provide you with the exact blueprint that I use and my social media marketing clients have been using to attract clients for the past 5 years.


Module 6 - Lead Generation

Lead Generation that Leads to Sales

You have potential dream clients all over the world, and with the way of the internet these days you have access to them - if you know-how.

Through building your email list, creating a freebie and keeping in contact with people through your newsletters and possibly a Facebook Group, you now have a brand new way of building a tribe.

You’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of what you need to start building up your database (ever heard the phrase "your money's in your list?") with targeted clients who want to work with you.

We cover target audiences, the Facebook Ads Manager, your tracking pixel and what that even means, plus pull it all together with your Freebie and your email list building.



Your expert trainer

I'm Chanelle Business Coach & Personal Branding Expert

Chanelle specialises in helping experienced experts price, package and sell their knowledge as a signature offer online.

Her clients have gone on to launch programs multiple times, creating additional 6 and multi-6 figure $ income streams to their current business. 

Chanelle's been in this space for 5-years teaching launching online. She has a background working for top ad agencies in London and ran her own successful photography business for 10 years. 

I'm now making €10K - €20K months after adding photographers coaching to my business. I followed all the steps and implemented them right away. I was able to book my first one on one coaching clients and VIP days.

Yvonne Van Dalen


Celine sold 17 spots into her group program and sold out her one on one Coaching. After the BYBO coaching, she was able to increase her pricing for her group and one on one coaching sessions.

Celine da Costa


£10K beta course launch for Stand Out On Social created with a fellow student who she met in the program. Ria crafted her new coaching brand and built a sales page for Photo Proud her own course. The course and community has been genuinely transformative.

Ria Mishaal


meet the Guest Experts

Kylie Slavik

Story Marketing

Kylie's made millions for her clients and increased sales conversions for already successful companies through story marketing. Her first Facebook Ads Campaign had a 2000% ROI. She teaches how to add to every component of a marketing funnel. Ads. Landing Pages. Lead Magnets. Emails. Sales Pages. Sales Enrollment Calls. Even Retargeting and Follow-Ups.

Lisa Johnson

How to sell out group courses

Lisa has consistently sold out every coaching programme and course she's offered including a Mastermind in just 2 days and gained 150 subscribers to a monthly membership in a weekend giving her a semi-passive income stream of over £7k per monthLisa will be telling you the steps she takes to sell out her programmes and the biggest mistake people make when selling a course.

Elana Schutte
Elana Schutte

Facebook Ads

Elana Schutte helps business owners & entrepreneurs find their dream clients & build authentic relationships that convert into sales, using various online marketing strategies. In her in depth tutorial on Facebook Ads, she teaches us all the steps to go from clueless to master with Facebook Ads. 

Lauren Vanessa Zink

Copywriting for Launches

Lauren helps entrepreneurs find their voice, nail their messaging, and write incredible, sales-making copy. She’s taken tens of thousands of coaches, consultants, and creatives from “Who are you?” to “Holy sh*t, where have you been all my life?” In this training she talks us through the key things you need from a copy and content perspective for a launch

Megan Hudson
Megan Hudson

Introduction to Coaching

Megan Hudson is a business and marketing coach with almost 20 years’ experience in the coaching industry and over 10 years’ experience in the fields of brand marketing and advertising. In her two training modules she teaches the fundamentals of coaching and shares the key competencies that make a good coach. 

Guest Expert Sales Page
Yvonne van Dalen

Launch Case Study

Yvonne van Dalen is the creator of three successful businesses: a translation agency, her photography studio and her coaching business - Photographers Coach. She works 20 hours a week and spends her afternoons and weekends with her family and friends. In this training she takes us behind the scenes of her first group program launch, based on what Build Your Brand Online teaches. 

Danielle headshot
Danielle Garber

Blogging & SEO Strategy

Danielle turned her website into an evergreen lead-generating machine using organic SEO strategy, helping to treble the size of her 6-figure Finance business. She is also the founder of Be More You Online and is a Brand & Marketing Expert who teaches small businesses to supercharge their impact, income and reach. In her training she shares the strategies you need to use your blog and website content to grow your reach organically.
Pinterest Expert Training Online
Anat Morderer


Anat started out as an online influencer and then transitioned into a digital marketer that focuses on social media. She is the founder of Creative Boost, a service-based digital marketing business. Her speciality is Pinterest profile optimization, SEO adjustments, content strategy, and growth. On Pinterest, her work leads to a strong brand image and the creation of many viral pins that generate a lot of traffic for her clients’ websites. Her training covers everything you need to know about using Pinterest to grow your brand. 

Celinne-Da-Costa-cropped square
Celinne Da Costa

Brand Story Coach

Celinne da Costa is an international Brand Story Coach, Published writer and Active Dreamer. Building her business and exploring the world from wherever she chooses to be. Sounds like a dream, right? It is, but that's because she designed it way! Being clear on your story and how that impacts your life and business are her key teachings in her guest training! 

Jessica Nazrali
Jessica Nazrali

Using LinkedIN for Lead Generation

Jessica Nazrali works with coaches, consultants and service based industry leaders to help them generate more sales calls from people who want to work with her. She will show us in this audio bonus training everything you need to know to market your business on LinkedIN

Rebecca Matias

Sales Conversations

Rebecca Matias is a personal growth hacker and success strategist. She helps women create 6-7 figure businesses and lives they love because she believes that “when women are financially empowered, the world changes for the better.” Her training takes us through the important sales conversations. 

Laura Payne-Stanley


Laura is an award-winning platform creator with over 1/2 million social reach, an experienced marketer, and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Her training covers Releasing Limiting Beliefs as you step into the role of expert in your personal brand. 

PR Agent and Publicist for Personal Brands
Nicola Russill-Roy


The services provided by Propose PR include press release management, media pitching, press stunts, social media campaigns, copywriting, media relations, brand building, promotions, video marketing, celebrity endorsement, product launches, photo & film shoot management & designing growth strategies.

and there are more Bonus Trainings

A website that converts

I'll talk you through the must-haves for a website that converts (aka gets people to contact you and join your email list). You want it to be super easy for people to get hold of you. Learn what the top agency's in New York are doing (I recently had my site reviewed by one of them and I'm going to pass on what they taught me). What's working in 2017? What do you have to know before creating/updating your website.

SEO - How to get your site at the top of Google Searches 

You need to have your website come up at the top of Google searches. I will show you behind-the-scenes inside my WordPress websites. Find out which plugins to use and why. Get into the head of your Brand Hero (ideal client) and think about what they would be searching for. Know what to blog about and why it's so important for SEO. Learn my on-page SEO techniques for coming up!

What you can do to get clients right now

I get it, you want to bring in clients yesterday! In this training, I will show you what to do to get clients in right now! Action steps that you can take today and this week to be visible, put your offer out there, get in front of people who want to buy what you have to offer. This is what it takes: consistency, clarity and approaching the right people. Steps to bring in clients asap!

Keep your head in the game

A lot of you aren't succeeding because of holding yourself back, fear, anxiety - the I'm not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough or qualified enough. Listen, if you've been in business for a few years and are highly experienced (like I know you are) then it's time to move out of your own way and take action! I'm going to share with you how I've worked on my mindset and how I keep going even when fear rears its ugly head.

Jennifer has now built a 6-Figure business (that's over £100K per year) coaching other Celebrants! Doing the BYBO program gave her the confidence she needed and made 17K on her very 1st course launch!

Jennifer Claire Constant


In the last 5-months, I've had 3 x 6-figure £ launches. That's £100K months! Chanelle was the first person who taught me about launches. If you need good, solid, practical tools on how to move your business forward, how to scale and how to start getting the clients and the life that you really want! I now make most of my money through passive income!

Lisa Johnson


Bea completed my Build Your Brand Online group program and made $15k in two weeks! Bea has built her signature offering and coaching program and is now financially free and location independant

Bea Mangar



Here're your answers...

Can't I just sign up later for Brand Your Expertise Online?

Brand Your Expertise Online will only be launching twice a year. It's a live program, so you can only join during the intake period. Aside from signing up for the private coaching, there won't be another opportunity for your join the Brand Your Expertise Online program this year! So enrol now!!

Who is Brand Your Expertise Online For?

If you're ready to teach what you know, create a personal brand and add an extra income stream through adding mentoring, coaching or consulting to your business. If you'd like to learn how to launch and leverage by moving into group programs this is for you too. 

When Does Brand Your Expertise Online Start?

Sign Ups close on 5 August 2020

How much access will I get to Chanelle?

Every training will be done by Chanelle. She will also be in the private Facebook group responding to questions and giving additional support to Brand Your Expertise Online students like you. There is a Zoom Group Coaching call every two weeks, where you will have time to ask specific questions to Chanelle. 

What's the Investment?

Brand Your Expertise Online, along with all the bonuses is worth a whopping $17000, but you only pay $2500 if you sign up now. Keep in mind that you'd only need to sell one high-ticket, high-value package of your own to make your money back! 

What's the refund and cancellation policy?

No there isn't. I only want people to join who are 100% committed and are ALL IN. Please understand that there is work involved to do this but that it will pay off in the end! Please listen to all the video testimonials to see what results past students have had. 

Is there a VIP Option for Brand Your Expertise Online?

Yes! It includes 3 x 45 min private coaching calls PLUS Voxer access to me Mon - Friday for voice messaging (so I can answer all your questions) 

Live group coaching program August -> January. First group caoching call is on 13 August 2020

get started now Choose Your Plan

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Instalment Plan

12 Payments Of $247


VIP TRACK (only 8 Spots!)

Includes three 45-min private coaching calls with Chanelle PLUS Voxer access for direct messages with Chanelle to support you as you go through the program!

One Payment Of $3500


6 Payments of $600