your expertise online

Price, package and sell your years of knowledge as juicy group programs, courses, membership or high-end 1:1 offers that draw in your full-body YES dream clients over and over again.

A 6-Month live group coaching + implementation program with high-touch support, trainings, templates, step-by-step strategy, and a mentor who cares with a whole lot of heart


Course Launch and Personal branding coach

Are you:

  • Ready to change the trajectory of your life and change the lives of your dream clients?

  • Wanting to align your soul purpose with your business so you can get clarity for the vision you were born to create?

  • Ready to take your life's work and package it up into mentorship, transformational offers and courses that get real results for your protege's? 

  • Desiring to create a ripple effect in both your life and your future client's lives by giving (passing on your knowledge) and receiving (getting paid well for doing so)?

  • Experiencing an inner knowing that you are meant to step up in the world as the leader you truly are? 

Would you love to:

  • Make CONSISTENT money teaching what you know online?

  • Turn your years of knowledge and experience into an extra stream of income?

  • Launch a course, group program, or 1:1 offer that people want to buy?

  • Gain the time freedom to travel more & spend more time with family?

  • Become known as the go-to expert in your industry?

  • Have the support and step-by-step guidance of someone with a track record and kick-ass client results?

business and course launch coach
75543709_2830670223644527_5100229644880183296_n (1)

... be inspired ... Set herself up as a personal branding expert, launched her group program and achieved her dream of moving to a beautiful ocean view property on a tiny Scottish island with her family.

Ursula Kelly, Photographer and Coach

course launch coach results testimonial
Business and Launch coach client results testimonials

$57K launch of Magnetic Brand group program! Jordan had beta launched before trying to piece things together herself, but by having a proper launch plan and step-by-step live launch event to execute on she was able to scale her group program and get way more people joining.

Jordan Duvall

Ignite Your Soul Brand, USA

New total $82K in 9 months [UPDATE] from launching the same course for the 3rd time. She's joined the alumni track for support with her upcoming launch in Nov 2021 (result just in: $48K for Nov 2021 launch!). Video testimonial: Nicola made $55K by launching her Film Stills Academy four-week Zoom group course twice in six months.

Nicola Dove

Film Stills Photographer, NZ

£17K total sales! £10K coming in for her beta course launch for her group program teaching aligned sales to women entrepreneurs. Teresa then booked £7K in 1:1 coaching off the back of that same launch and visibility!

Teresa Brooks


£250K for the year as of 2021 tax return! Before that 6-Figures £100K per year by creating group programs and 1:1 coaching teaching Wedding Celebrants how to build their business. Created a certification program and a directory.

Jennifer Claire


ready to get paid for your knowledge not your time?


Join now and get... 6-months of live group coaching support


    Dive into the trainings right way to build your brand and get your offer ready to launch ASAP. We will start the official 6-months of weekly live group coaching from 11th January 2022.


    With regards to timezones, I have you covered so that you have a call each and every week. If I need to add extra calls in my calendar. I do that. I will never leave you out!


    Easy to use WordPress template including video tutorials. Fully customisable to your brand colours, pictures and words (using my magnetic sales page writing formula) 


    Use in asana, ClickUp or Trello and use to task to yourself your VA and/or other team members


    Templates can be used over and over again PLUS are fully customisable in WordPress 

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Brand Your Expertise Online is a PROVEN system to help you create, launch, and sell your online program! Plus, you’ll get 6-months LIVE group support to master this rinse-and-repeat system. Say HELLO to your new income-stream created ON YOUR TERMS with

Brand your expertise online

[2019] In the last 5-months, I've had 3 x 6-figure £ launches. That's £100K months! Chanelle was the first person who taught me about launches. If you need good, solid, practical tools on how to move your business forward, how to scale and how to start getting the clients and the life that you really want! I now make most of my money through passive income!

Lisa Johnson


Yvonne is now making €10K - €20K every month after adding photographers coaching to my business. She followed all the steps and implemented them right away. She booked her first one on one coaching clients and VIP days before completing BYEO

Yvonne Van Dalen


89 Mother's in her new photography membership during her first launch in March 2021. That equates to $2000 per month in recurring revenue and Anna plans to launch multiple times this year.

Anna Sandstrom


Bea made $15k in two weeks launching on Instagram during the pandemic in 2020! Bea offers 1:1 coaching as well as group programs.

Bea Mangar


Launched her own business for the first time after doing branding & marketing for the past 16 years. She made her investment back in 4-5 weeks. Danielle created her signature offer, got clear on her brand and launched herself as a consultant.  She's about to do her own live launch and offer more 1:1 high-end programs and she's developing her very own group program.

Danielle Garber


IMG_7295 2

enrollment now open!

Get instant access to the course hub with video modules + workbooks, start the 6-months of group coaching calls officially from January 2022

Brand your expertise online is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Not interested in branding yourself as a go-to expert online or not wanting to sell a course / group program / 1:1 offer

  • Wanting to stay behind-the-scenes instead of stepping into a leadership role and getting more visible online

  • think you can join a program and not have to do any work and then make tens of thousands of $$$ 

Brand your expertise online IS for you if you’re:

  • Excited to mentor, teach, coach, or consult to make more profit, working fewer hours

  • Looking to brand yourself as the go-to expert in your industry and get hired to pass on your years of expertise for a tidy sum!

  • Leverage your time by learning how to launch and fill your programs online with a step-by-step plug 'n play system and support community

Create and launch and scale your signature group course that sells

What do you get from ... Brand Your Expertise Online?

It will show you how to:

  • Gain clarity around what your signature offer will be and how to launch online
  • Create your Brand Hero
    (your person! your most ideal client)
  • Brand yourself as the expert that you are
  • Explode your visibility and create content that gets your message to the masses
  • Use your unique story to connect deeply and authentically online
  • Learn what systems and structures you need for productivity, email list building and growing your buying audience


For the first 10 people who join, you’ll get my eyes and personal feedback on your sales page copy (which I'll teach you how to write) for your signature offer (be it 1:1 or group program) so that your offer is clear to your audience and they'll be ready to buy when you launch.

There are 8 x Live Zoom Group Coaching calls per month, an active live-round Facebook Group to get all of your questions answered in between calls.

If you pay in full you'll get a 1:1 coaching call with me to flesh out your offer and when you should launch.

Step-by-step professional video trainings, tutorials, PDF workbooks + checklists, as well as my famous Asana plug 'n, play for doing your live launch.

You get every single step laid out for you for your successful launch along with a community for accountability and genuine support.

Idea > Focus > Action > Results $$$

Video modules, tutorials, workbooks, checklists + live group coaching calls for 6-months of support and accountability with others doing it too.

IMG_7297 2
IMG_7300 2

The Brand Your Expertise Online framework gets people selling spots into their courses + group programs starting from zero to 5-figure launch results!

two months living and working from bali in 2019






ready for an inbox like this when you launch?


$56 600 USD in 60 days

Let’s cut right to it (I'm sharing the details of this so you can see what's possible for you too)

My launch in August 2020 brought in $37K worth of sales

I turned around and launched quickly again at the beginning of October 2020 and brought in $19,600 worth of sales I tend to get about 50/50 who pay in full vs payment plans which mean half of that comes in right away and the other half of it is paid over 6-months in instalments.

I like a mixture of both because this way I know what’s coming in when I look ahead.

The way I brought those lump-sums in was through live launching my signature group program.

I do have other forms of income like 1:1 coaching and I got a huge corporate client this year (I’ll leave that story for another time)

Also, I chose to live in South Africa (for now) and this means I get to leverage the currency and multiply my earnings in dollars by 16 to 18 depending on the exchange rate at the time.

Live launching is where you plan out a free 5-Day training event, promote that event for some time beforehand, get people who are really interested in learning from you and then invite them to join your program.

There’s no bait-and-switch going on here. I am always very upfront from the beginning that I have a course or program coming so people know what to expect.

I make sure that I give a ton of value so that even if people only do the free training they can go out and implement and get results.

I’ve been doing these live launches since Periscope days.

I tested out so many different 5-Day free trainings and saw what worked and didn’t.

These days I launch on Facebook and so do most of my students.

Some chose Instagram because that’s where their most engaged audience is.

I work with a lot of photographers, wedding industry, designers, developers and coaches.

This live launching method can work for you if you’re looking for a step-by-step playbook on how to map out a launch with all the things you need and tasks that need to be done - laid out for you.

Are you ready to create a new income stream by teaching what you know?


£10K beta course launch for Stand Out On Social created with a fellow student who she met in the program. Ria crafted her new coaching brand and built a sales page for Photo Proud her own course. The course and community has been genuinely transformative.

Ria Mishaal


Shan had a £16K Group program launch for Newborn photographers in March 2021. Previous to that she booked a 3-month coaching client at £3550 and 3 VIP days at £2500 each before moving into doing a group program.
[UPDATE] Nov 2021 $17K group course launch!

Shan Fisher


$12K launch of her Living Yinly life transformation program at the end of 2020! Since then Sharni has partnered with the world-famous Yoga Barn in Ubud selling her online yoga classes. She's also moved into business and personal branding coaching for wellness professionals.

Sharni Quinn


Celinne sold 17 spots into her group program and sold out her one on one Coaching. She was able to increase her pricing for her group and one on one coaching programs and went on to have a full rebrand and work with Chanelle's personal web developer.

Celinne Da Costa


Here it is ... A step-by-step program to get you pricing, packaging and launching your signature offer online

Introducing Personal Brand Embodiment:

Personal brand embodiment method

It's a UNIQUE and PROVEN approach to leverage your experience into an online brand and launch your 1:1, courses or group programs. Attract your most ideal clients into your programs by creating a magnetic personal brand.

I'll teach you how to Live Launch which is a repeatable process that you can use to create a NEW stream of income. You can launch over and over again throughout the year.

This is not the one-hit-wonder of online business. It's something that you can master and do many times over to create consistent income through pops of income and payment plans (aka know how much money is coming in every month!)


Module 1 - Go for the Goals

Go for the Goals

It's time to work out what you want. There's no point spending time and money on building your business when you're not feeling 100% aligned.

That’s why we start by setting your goals, doing powerful forward visioning and mapping out what your business needs to look like in order to support the life you want to create.

Figure out what online business model is right for YOU, so you can feel good and make money at the same time.

Move out of worker-bee mode and into the role of coach, consultant, speaker and leader. Narrow down your Zone Of Genius and move from feeling foggy-brained to crystal clear on what you do, what results you get for people and how to articulate that in a way that will have your ideal clients lining up out the door to work with you.


Module 2 - Brand Hero

Who do you want to work with?

Create your BRAND HERO. It's time to go deep. It's time to get to know your ideal client like never before. I'm talking about knowing her so well that when you write your newsletters and social media posts people message you asking if you were talking about them!?

You have to be specific in your marketing. It doesn't mean you'll never work with anyone else but when you can visualise this perfect person and write to them and them alone you'll nail it every time!


Module 3 - Signature Offers

Signature offers that sell out

A confused mind says no! When you're all over the place with your offers you'll feel overwhelmed and confused, imagine how your potential clients see this?

In Module 3, you’ll get clear on your main offer — the one thing you're excited to put together and share with the world. It's the package you want every client to buy! It's time to flesh this out fully and be proud of the value you're offering and to charge your worth for your years of knowledge and experience.

I'll give you a framework to follow so that you can write a sales page that converts. We are also giving you a gorgeous customisable sales page template to use for your course, membership or group program offers.


Module 3b - Learn to launch online

learn to launch online

This is THE A to Z of live launching. Get every single step you need in order to sell out spots into your courses or group programs online so you can leverage your time and bring big cash injections into your business. 

Launching can be used to sell 1:1, groups, courses or retreats. It's a rinse and repeat system that you can do multiple times a year to bring in a large pop of income into your business.

PLUS a behind-the-scenes, pull-back-the-curtain style case study of actual launches and how my clients got the results they got so you can apply what they did to your own launches online. 

Step-by-step workbook + checklist AND The Brand Your Launch guide PLUS my unique asana task-by-task plug n play system for launching so you know exactly what to do when.

mac image2
IMG_7299 2
IMG_7298 2

Module 4 - Personal Branding

Personal branding for Profit

Now that you’re no longer hiding on the sidelines, you’ll need to take centre stage as the face of your own personal brand.

In Module 4, you’ll create connection through STORY and your unique visual brand. What's fascinating about you to your Brand Hero? How can you stand out and remain authentic and genuine? Hint: the more real and personable you are the more this will happen naturally.

Then you’ll create the visual elements of your brand as you nail the look and feel. Whether you’re undergoing a brand refresh or starting from complete scratch, you’ll learn what goes into a brand that reflects your personality and where you are now (admit it, those pics you had done a year ago are looking a little tired!).

This is my Personal Brand Embodiment Method. 


Module 5 - Get Found

Get Found (and Hired)

What if instead of having to seek out clients, clients found YOU?  

This is where you share your message and give the world the chance to find out what you do, who you are and how you can help them. Being specific in your marketing will ensure you attract your BRAND HERO. However, you do need to know how to create content and spread it across multiple social media platforms so that they have a chance to find you!

I'll provide you with the exact blueprint that I use and my social media marketing clients have been using to attract clients for the past 5 years.


Module 6 - Lead Generation

Lead Generation that Leads to Sales

You have potential dream clients all over the world, and with the way of the internet these days you have access to them - if you know-how.

Through building your email list, creating a freebie and keeping in contact with people through your newsletters and possibly a Facebook Group, you now have a brand new way of building a tribe.

You’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of what you need to start building up your database (ever heard the phrase "your money's in your list?") with targeted clients who want to work with you.

We cover target audiences, the Facebook Ads Manager, your tracking pixel and what that even means, plus pull it all together with your Freebie and your email list building.


direct access to me for your questions

I host 8 x LIVE Zoom Group Coaching calls every month, so that all time zones are covered, and share current real-time strategies with you. You get the chance to ask me your specific questions on the calls face-to-face and get coached by me.

There's an exclusive Facebook Group called The Inside Scoop for live-round members where you can ask for feedback on your Brand Hero, offer ideas, opt-in pages, branding or sales pages.

My eyes on your sales page copy (for the first ten people) so we can nail your offer and articulate the value so people can't wait to join your programs. I'll review this personally via a Google doc and give you feedback + make edits so that you create an irresistible offer that sells out.


meet the Guest Experts

Kylie Slavik

Story Marketing

Kylie's made millions for her clients and increased sales conversions for already successful companies through story marketing. Her first Facebook Ads Campaign had a 2000% ROI. She teaches how to add story to every component of a marketing funnel. 

Lisa Johnson Coaching Guest Expert
Lisa Johnson


Lisa had a $2 million launch for her group course in Oct 2020!  Lisa, one of my past coaching clients, will be telling you the steps she takes to sell out her courses and group programs and the biggest mistake people make when selling a course.

Lauren Vanessa Zink

Copywriting for Launches

Lauren helps entrepreneurs find their voice, nail their messaging, and write incredible, sales-making copy. She’s taken tens of thousands of coaches, consultants, and creatives from “Who are you?” to “Holy sh*t, where have you been all my life?” In this training she talks us through the key things you need from a copy and content perspective for a launch

Rebecca Matias

Sales Conversations

Rebecca Matias is a personal growth hacker and success strategist. She helps women create 6-7 figure businesses and lives they love because she believes that “when women are financially empowered, the world changes for the better.” Her training takes us through the important sales conversations. 

Elana Schutte

Facebook Ads for launching

Elana and Chanelle have strategised and come up with all the Facebook Ad tutorials you'll need for growing your audience, promoting your live launch and then retargeting your warm audience to show them your incredible offer.  These are step-by-step, easy to follow tutorial style videos.

Laura Payne-Stanley


Laura is an award-winning platform creator with over 1/2 million social reach, an experienced marketer, and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Her training covers Releasing Limiting Beliefs as you step into the role of expert in your personal brand. 

Danielle Garber

Blogging & SEO Strategy

Danielle turned her website into an evergreen lead-generating machine using organic SEO strategy, helping to treble the size of her 6-figure Finance business. She is also the founder of Be More You Online and is a Brand & Marketing Expert who teaches small businesses to supercharge their impact, income and reach. In her training she shares the strategies you need to use your blog and website content to grow your reach organically.
Anat Morderer


Anat started out as an online influencer and then transitioned into a digital marketer that focuses on social media. Her speciality is Pinterest profile optimization, SEO adjustments, content strategy, and growth. On Pinterest, her work leads to a strong brand image and the creation of many viral pins that generate a lot of traffic for her clients’ websites. Her training covers everything you need to know about using Pinterest to grow your brand. 

Megan Hudson

Introduction to Coaching

Megan Hudson is a business and marketing coach with almost 20 years’ experience in the coaching industry and over 10 years’ experience in the fields of brand marketing and advertising. In her two training modules she teaches the fundamentals of coaching and shares the key competencies that make a good coach. 

Jessica Nazrali

Using LinkedIN for Lead Generation

Jessica Nazrali works with coaches, consultants and service based industry leaders to help them generate more sales calls from people who want to work with her. She will show us in this audio bonus training everything you need to know to market your business on LinkedIN

Your expert trainer

I'm Chanelle Business Coach & Personal Branding Expert

I created the Brand Your Expertise Online program because I wanted to give business owners like you a clear, step-by-step way out of trading time for money. 

I’ve been there in my business. I’ve worked the long hours, doing the grind but that can’t carry on forever. Although there were other programs on creating and selling an online course, I found that most of them fall short of getting the best results for one simple reason -  personal brand embodiment.

In all my years working in marketing, advertising, and business development, this one thing stood out as the reason why online courses succeed or fail. That’s why I created the Personal Brand Embodiment Method and why Brand Your Expertise Online is such a unique program that’s PROVEN to get incredible results.

Now, you have the opportunity to join me and other business owners who are choosing to leverage our expertise and earn more profit in less time through online courses.

and there are more Bonus Trainings

A website that converts

I'll talk you through the must-haves for a website that converts (aka gets people to contact you and join your email list). You want it to be super easy for people to get hold of you. Learn what the top agencies in New York are doing (I recently had my site reviewed by one of them and I'm going to pass on what they taught me). Learn what you need to know before creating/updating your website.

A sales page that converts

My web-developer will walk you through the must-haves for a high-converting sales page (aka the page where people BUY your online course.) There are key elements and layouts that help your Brand Hero see all the value that is available to them so they are eager to sign-up. Learn how to leverage marketing best practices, design, and buyer psychology to make sure your sales page converts!

SEO - How to get your site at the top of Google Searches

You need to have your website come up at the top of Google searches. I will show you behind-the-scenes inside my WordPress websites. Find out which plugins to use and why. Get into the head of your Brand Hero (ideal client) and think about what they would be searching for. Know what to blog about and why it's so important for SEO. Learn my on-page SEO techniques for coming up!

Brand Your Instagram Mini-Course

One of the biggest fears people have when creating an online course is not knowing where they’ll get buyers. In this Brand Your Instagram mini-course, you’ll learn how to create a thriving audience on Instagram so you’ll always have a steady stream of NEW potential clients discovering your personal brand. Learn the BEST strategies from branding your Instagram.

What you can do to get clients right now

I get it, you want to bring in clients yesterday! In this training, I will show you what to do to get clients in right now! Action steps that you can take today and this week to be visible, put your offer out there, get in front of people who want to buy what you have to offer. This is what it takes: consistency, clarity and approaching the right people. Steps to bring in clients asap!

Keep your head in the game

A lot of experts don’t succeed because of fear or anxiety - It’s the “I'm not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough or qualified enough” beliefs that tend to hold us back. Listen, if you've been in business for a few years and are highly experienced (like I know you are) then it's time to move out of your own way and take action! I'm going to share with you how I've worked on my mindset and how I keep going even when fear rears its ugly head.

It’s time to learn to launch online & leverage your time…

Here’s what you’ll get instantly when you enroll in Brand Your Expertise Online TODAY:

  • 6-Months Group Coaching Support To Guide You In Every Step (Value = $12,000)

    8 x Zoom Group Coaching Calls per month to cover all time zones. Avoid the time-consuming pitfalls that come with doing this alone. Give yourself the advantage of a proven system with expert guidance. Be in a group with other go-getters who are launching their programs online. 

  • Personalised Sales Copy Review (Value = PRICELESS)

    For the first 10 people who sign up. Get Chanelle’s expert eyes on the messaging and sales copy via an interactive Google Doc for your signature program. She’ll make suggestions in your document to help your program get more sales! Use the sales page writing formula in the workbook to guide you and then get 1:1 feedback. 

  • A 45-Minute 1:1 strategy Session With Chanelle To Get Clearn on who your brand hero is and to nail your sell out offer (Value = $2500)

    This is for the first 10 people who sign up, so get in now! Also for those who pay-in-full. Your brand is as unique as you. Get Chanelle personalised strategies so you never have to wonder how to make this proven system work for your brand. Your tailored plan will give you your best path to success!

  • 6 Power-Packed Training Modules with mulitple videos + workbooks Value = $2500)

    Get INSTANT ACCESS to the video training and course materials. This step-by-step program will teach you everything you need to know to create, launch, and sell your course. Build a buying audience, learn to launch online, Facebook ads and page templates all included.

  • 9 Workbooks To Help You FULLY implement each training (Value = $1000)

    Have you ever watched a training and wondered how to begin implementing it to see results quickly? You won’t have to worry about that here. We’ve created workbooks to help you easily apply everything you learn to your business.

  • 24/7 Access To The Exclusive Facebook Community (Value = $3000)

    Get your question answered. Surround yourself with others who will celebrate your wins and motivate you to stay on track. You’ll NEVER be alone in this again with 24/7 access to this online community.

  • 14 Guest Expert Masterclasses To Give You FULL Surround Sound Support (Value = $3887)

    Get Facebook Ads tutorials, copywriting training, storytelling frameworks, blogging and SEO strategies, Pinterest branding guidance, LinkedIn lead generation support, PR tools, sales strategies, and more! You’ll never have to feel uncertain in your marketing again!

  • The Ultimate Launch Workbook + Checklist so you know you’re doing it right (Value = $297)

    Live launch project template to use in asana, clickup or trello. Every single thing you need to do to have a successful live launch of your group course or program! Includes step-by-step launch workbook PLUS the brand your launch workbook so you know exactly what graphics to create and what launch assets you need. 

Plus! The Bonus Modules:

  • Bonus! A Website That Converts Masterclass (Value = $297)

    Get the must-have information to convert your website visitors into customers for your course! These tactics generate new clients for my business every month. Now, you can use them too!

  • Bonus! A Sales Page That Converts Video Training + workbook with step-by-step formula on how to write your sales page (Value = $297)

    Your sales page is a critical component to the success of your launch! It’s where people decide to buy... or not. Make sure you have everything you need on the page to help people make the decision to work with you!

  • Bonus! SEO - How To Get Your Site At The Top of Google Searches Class (Value = $297)

    Once you have a website that converts, how are you going to get people there? With this class, you’ll learn how to get your site a top search ranking with Google and create an everflowing source of traffic to your online course.

  • Bonus! Brand Your Instagram Course (Value = $297)

    Ready to massively increase your visibility, attract the right audience, and establish yourself as the go-to expert? Look no further than this Instagram Mini-Course to build a social audience and gain authority in your industry.

  • Bonus! Keep Your Head In The Game Masterclass (Value = $297)

    Ever find yourself getting side-tracked, stuck in procrastination, or letting your fears get the better of you and your success? It happens to ALL of us. That’s why I created this masterclass to give you REAL TOOLS and support to keep your head in the game - so nothing slows down your progress.

Total Value = $26,669

Enrollment now open!

Get instant access to the course hub with video modules + workbooks, start the 6-months of group coaching calls officially from January 2022


One Payment Of $3333


Instalment Plan

6 Payments Of $647


VIP TRACK (only 8 Spots!)

Includes 3 x 1:1 Coaching Calls with Chanelle + Voxer access Mon - Fri

One Payment Of $5555


6 Payments of $1000


Here’s what’s possible for YOU within the next 6-months (or less):

I booked 48 people onto my new online course for beginner's photography! Chanelle's BYBO program was able to offer me the step-by-step hand-holding guided process that I was so badly looking for. I was investigating ways to increase my income and the best way was to add mentoring, coaching, online courses and workshops.

Derryn Schmidt


I launched and SOLD OUT 6 workshops, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and generated over R216K ($16K) in sales! Thanks to the BYBO coaching program with Chanelle, I got clear on who I wanted to work with and developed and launched my workshops successfully.

Jacki Bruniquel


I booked 7 private coaching clients and 15 people joined my group program.  After working with Chanelle I realized my passion and got clear on my Brand Hero. I have interviewed one of my mentors, Tim Noakes the founder of Banting, and I am also writing my own book!

Ilze Czubora


Just launched her first photography workshop with 10 people and sold it completely out making $3500 in a single day. She says it's been a really good investment and to anyone who's on the fence about doing the group program just jump in!

Anastasia Genty


Imagine working with soul-mate clients globally and having 5-figure program launches!

  • Do you want to create more freedom?

  • Do you want to increase your income without working more hours?

  • Do you want to FINALLY live your life on YOUR TERMS?


Here're your answers...

Will this work for my niche?

Brand Your Expertise Online is proven to work for many different types of business owners. It's a tried and true system. Of course, your business is unique, but it's not SO DIFFERENT that the system that has worked across multiple countries and industries couldn't fit your needs. Plus, you'll get coaching directly from Chanelle in the weekly Zoom group calls to get your specific questions answered. 

What if I don't consider myself an expert?

One of the biggest fears we all have is not being good enough. But here's the thing, if you are already a business owner, you have skills that people are willing to pay to receive. That means you have skills that people are eager to pay to LEARN. You don't have to be the most experienced to help others learn to do what you do. In fact, people relate more to someone who is only a few steps ahead, rather than way out of reach.

I'm not techy. Will this work for me?

Chanelle is techy, her team is techy, and many of the guest experts are techy. There will be a learning curve required to do a live launch online. You'll be fully supported through every step. I'm also happy to introduce you to my little black book of contractors. Sometimes it's best to hire a virtual assistant to take care of those things for you.

I'm a business owner with a lot on my plate. Do I have time for this?

That's EXACTLY why you need this! Too many business owners are overworked and underpaid for their expertise. Brand Your Expertise Online helps you leverage your time to make more money without working more hours.

Can I sign-up for Brand Your Expertise Online later?

Why wait? The price will be going up the next time I launch, so I'd suggest taking advantage and joining now. The quicker you get clarity on your offer the quicker you can get out and launch it!

How much access will I get to Chanelle?

There's a Group Coaching Call on Zoom every week and the training will be done by Chanelle. She will also be in the private Facebook group responding to questions and giving additional support to Brand Your Expertise Online students like you.

Will I make my investment back?

Ultimately, that's up to you. You will absolutely get EVERYTHING you need to create a large return on investment. All you have to do? Show up and follow the proven step-by-step path.

Brand Your Expertise Online, along with all the bonuses, is worth a whopping $26,669, but you can join for as low as $3333 if you sign up now. Keep in mind that you'd only need to sell one high-ticket, high-value package of your own to make your money back!

What if I need more 1:1 support?

There is a VIP option for Brand Your Expertise Online. It includes an additional 3 x 45 min private coaching calls (on top of the one you get already) PLUS Voxer access to me Mon - Friday for voice messaging (so you get all your questions answered.)

Is Brand Your Expertise Online right for me?

That's up to you to decide. Brand Your Expertise Online gives you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create, launch, and sell your online course. It's a UNIQUE method you won't find anywhere else, and it's a PROVEN system for producing results. If you want to increase your profit in less time, there's simply no faster, easier, more fool-proof way to get the results you want.

What's the refund and cancellation policy?

There isn't one. I only want people to join who are 100% committed and are ALL IN. Please understand that there is work involved to do this but that it will pay off in the end! Please listen to all the video testimonials to see what results past students have had.

They've moved away from the time for money business model to making bank from their years of experience

Frances's business has expanded and her income went through the roof! She transitioned from a face-to-face coaching practice to being able to coach people from all over the world.

Frances Briggs


Ursula booked 3 x 1:1 coaching clients, has started a Facebook group and has recently taught her first paid group Zoom masterclass. She got clear on her ideal client, got over imposter syndrome and has created her signature offering. Next up is launching a group program.

Ursula Kelly


Mikalena needed the structure and clarity gained from the group program. She went from being a "crazy-mess" to structuring out her brand, course, time and how she wanted to move forward. The cleansing has created space on her messaging, purpose and intension.

Mikalena Knight


"I have been able to double what I charge! I charge in USD $$ now and I work with people from all over the world. The group program even works as a service provider. It’s like a business bible, it's always something I’m referring back to. I can go back through the modules every time I create    a new offer."

Tracy Ann Oosthuizen


Learn to price, package and launch your offers for consistent CASH IN YOUR BUSINESS

6-month group coaching + implementation program

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Get instant access to the course hub with video modules + workbooks, start the 6-months of group coaching calls officially from January 2022


One Payment Of $3333


Instalment Plan

6 Payments Of $647


VIP TRACK (only 8 Spots!)

Includes 3 x 1:1 Coaching Calls with Chanelle + Voxer access Mon - Fri

One Payment Of $5555


6 Payments of $1000


get instant access to all the modules today + twice weekly live group coaching & a supportive community