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Meet Chanelle Business Coach & Personal Branding Expert

Featured in Forbes, Stylist and Entrepreneur Magazine, Chanelle’s background is in the design departments of Top 10 Ad Agencies around London as well as for world-famous photographer, Mario Testino. Brands include Versace, D&G and Vogue.

Chanelle ran a successful photography business in the UK for 10 years and photographed weddings around the world. She now uses her 20 years of experience in design, marketing, branding and business to coach women from around the world on how they can create their version of an extraordinary freedom-based lifestyle through entrepreneurship.

Hi there... Do you feel like you're at a turning point in your life and business?

Are you ready to step into your next phase of business?

You've been around the block, you've done your time, you're an expert in your field and the time has come for you to lead, mentor and coach the next generation and teach what you know.

I've been there ... let me tell you my story ...

I got the dreaded call (again) – my grandmother had passed away this time.

I was half way around the world and wasn’t able to fly home to be with my family for her funeral as I had weddings to shoot for the studio that weekend.

She’s not the first person I’ve lost and my Dad leaving us when he was only 54 got me re-assessing my life and where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do.

I’d run a successful photography business in London for 8 years which took my husband and I around the world to far-flung destinations including Bali and Marrakech.

We then joined a studio in the picture perfect Caribbean where I had my baby girl and went back to work when she was 6 months old.


I’d gone back to having a job and the terms of my life were dictated by the needs of the studio and the photography clients.

I started experiencing anxiety, had no time for myself, was feeling the pressure of when I’d be going back to work full time (when in truth all I really wanted at the time was to be with my baby who was under the age of one).

The truth was I never wanted to go back to work full time. Ever.

I don’t want to work in my business full time either! So I don’t.

I was juggling a teething baby, who I loved with all my heart – but let’s face it there are some difficult times. Cue a 1-hour session bouncing on a medicine ball trying to lull her to sleep!

Worst of all when I ran the numbers Saharah’s nanny was making more than me! 

Because she had to be there half an hour before I left for work and half an hour after I had finished it worked out that she took home more than I did at the end of each month.

Crazy! There had to be a better way to do this mom + passionate career thing!

I’d had my own business before and although it comes with its ups and downs I love that when I come up with ideas, work harder and get more clients in, it directly increases my income.

I had to overcome my guilt about leaving a good job, a gorgeous location and followed my heart. 

My heart lead us back to Africa, to be near our family for a while and see what it’s like to live here again.

I invested in a high-level business coach, got clear on my real desires and discovered that my core values include:


Within 3 months I’d launched a new Social Media Marketing company, signed up 5 ongoing clients in my first month, resigned from my job and started packing for South Africa!

The company grew to the point where I had two full-time staff helping me with up to 10 clients per month! People started reaching out to me for mentoring / coaching help and my business coaching grew organically.

I invested in a year-long coaching program in 2015 and officially launched my coaching business in January 2016.

Since then I've helped women transition from PA jobs to full-time photographer, burned out wedding photographer to brand developer, wedding blogger to a business coach, struggling entrepreneur to fully booked out web design business... the list goes on.

The point is you can transform, evolve and step into who you want to become both in your life and business.

I know how scary it can be to follow your dreams and go for it.  I've moved continents 3 times, launched 3 new successful businesses, traveled to 25 countries and had a baby in the middle of all of this!

I know that the dream you have for your extraordinary life is possible if you get clear, get support and then take action!


What are you being called to do? it's time to thrive

Mentorship in your pocket with access Mon - Friday plus weekly reviews for copy and so on

Every single task you need to do to have a successful course or group program launch done for you

1:1 custom package where you walk away with a brand + website that attracts your dream clients

Client Results

"$80K in sales from launching her course 3 times in 9 months" - Nicola Dove

"A $12k launch in September 2020" - Sharni Quinn

"100 people in her new photography membership Nov 2020" - Margaret Soraya

"Joe landed a $40K contract PLUS generated $30K in 9 weeks!"
 - Joe Mebrahtu

"I made $15k in two weeks launching on Instagram during the pandemic" - Bea Mangar

“I booked 7 private coaching clients and 15 people joined my group program.” - Ilze Czubora

"I'm now making €10K - €20K months after adding photographers coaching to my business." - Yvonne Van Dalen

"Within the first 6-weeks, I had my first online launch and made £43K in a 48 hour period. " - Nicola Russell-Roy

“I booked 48 people onto my new online course for beginner's photography! ” - Derryn Schmidt

“I sold 17 spots on my group program and sold out my one on one Coaching!” - Celinne Da Costa

"A £10K beta course launch for Stand Out On Social created with a fellow student who she met in the program and this was during the 2020 pandemic." - Ria Mishaal

“Just launched her first photography workshop with 10 people and sold it completely out making $3500 in a single day.” - Anastasia Gentry

“I launched and SOLD OUT 6 workshops, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and generated over R216K ($16K) in sales! ” - Jacki Bruniquel

"£17K from the first launch and £22K from her second group program launch! Jennifer has now built a 6-Figure business (in pounds £) coaching other Celebrants!" - Jennifer Claire Constant

"Because of Chanelle, I am now a 6 figure business owner, in USD. My signature offer package has been sold out every single month without fail." - Carol Hampshire

"I have been able to double what I charge! I charge in USD $$ now and I work with people from all over the world." - Tracy Ann Oosthuizen

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